Before The Night Is Over – Soulful Session ft Lizzie Nightingale

Soulful Session aka Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips is a seasoned professional in the music business who has earned a reputation for producing quality cuts. He started off as a radio and club DJ who aimed for the stars and successfully secured roles presenting radio shows on Choice FM and Capital, and he has been instrumental in showcasing and promoting some of the music world’s best known talent including Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, Shakira, Shola Ama, Brand New Heavies and Pussycat Dolls to name a few. Schooly has received many accolades and awards for his work and is one of the UK’s best-loved personalities, always in demand for events such as Southport Weekender, Vocal Booth Weekender and the Amsterdam Dance Event. His determination and dedication has really paid off as he hits the mark time and time again with every production. His ‘Future Divas’ EPs are becoming the stuff of legend as each package features incredibly good song-writing and vocal talent – major dance music producers worldwide want to be involved in every release. The late Frankie Knuckles remixed the monumental hit Hostile Takeover, and Schooly’s Midas touch has continued to result in chart success with Keep On Lovin Me, Mr Weather Man and My Baby.

Lizzie Nightingale is a Scottish singer-songwriter who comes from a musical family. She grew up in Glasgow listening to the Beatles, Bowie, Queen and Motown and is an accomplished clarinet player. She has had previous releases with ‘Sparkle’, ‘Left Right Left’, and ‘Tiny Tear Drops’.

The Tony Record Label is the brainchild of world renowned DJ and producer Tony Humphries and was established in 2005. With a reputation for releasing fresh, innovative soulful dance music, Tony Records is a name that is synonymous with quality.

Before The Night Is Over first featured on Tony Records ‘Miami Uncuts’ in April 2014, and is a track about the potential yet unspoken passion between two lovers. Lizzie masters the lyrics with the raw emotion of a woman yearning for love, her warm, rich, clean and controlled voice expressing her torment in way that rings true with the listener.

The package consists of 6 mixes including contributions from Ian Friday, Rightside and Redsoul as well as an Ian Friday instrumental version.

Schooly’s Original Mix features his hallmark gorgeous soulful keys and xylophone touches set to a captivating dance beat while his Quarter2Midnight Mix brings a laid back funky feel to proceedings.

Multitalented New Yorker Ian Friday provides the Libation Vox which will have the floor bouncing with its sexy latin samba vibe. Dave ‘Redsoul’ Wareing brings a deep hypnotic underground synth sensation to the mix and Italian duo Rightside add a pumping bassline groove and sumptuous keys which makes the song feel like a warm summer evening.

Soulful Session and Tony Records have released an incredibly appealing remix package here, carefully selecting producers who are able to bring differing flavours which showcase Lizzie’s unique vocal talent to the max, while still managing to please soulful house lovers everywhere, with their common warmth and flow that will resonate with every beating heart on the dance floor.

TR048 ‘Before The Night Is Over’ released on Tony Records 3 October 2014

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Soulful Session ft Kerrie-Anne – Keep On Lovin Me

keep on lovin me



In June 2013, Soulful Session (DJ Schooly) produced the Future Divas EP, showcasing five outstanding vocal female talents – Lynn Lockamy, Leanne, Kerrie-Anne, Rachael Calladine and Kaysee.

Lynn Lockamy’s Hostile Takeover and Leanne’s Mr Weather Man have already provided major chart successes for Soulful Session, and Keep On Lovin Me is the next package of remixes to be released as a sequel to this acclaimed EP.

The Keep on Lovin Me package includes five remixes of the original mesmerising house track plus the additional track ‘Believe’.

Kerrie-Anne is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter from London with an impressive 4 octave range. She began singing in church as a young child and has grown from strength to strength, specialising in jazz, gospel and soul, and has made many high profile performances.

‘Believe’ is an inspirational pure gospel tune coupled with a nice easy soulful production style, warm gospel keyboards and a dance bass line making this a versatile track which will suit your car stereo or your DJ set equally well.

Kerrie-Anne performs ‘Keep on Lovin Me’ with an effortless elegance, conveying the essence of deep unconditional love throughout the song.

The Ricky Montanari and Holly mix is a heavy thumping club version that will liven up your dance floor.

The Circle of Funk remix has a bouncy bass line with captivating key and percussion sounds that give a soulful yet deep tone to their exquisite house blend.

The Wipe the Needle remix has a Latin feel with warm organ sounds and sexy percussion that makes this mix the star of the bunch.

The Gianni Junior remix has a clear techno vibe while Schooly’s Soulboy mix adds a gorgeous slower tempo piano and brass based vibe that will be a winner for the classic soul fans.

Keep On Lovin Me EP – available on Tony Records very soon

Listen to the original version here:

Hostile Takeover – Soulful Session, Lynn Lockamy

Hostile Takeover

Wow what a tune – this is going to be one of the most memorable tracks of 2013. Lynn Lockamy already had a huge soulful house hit with Rhemi’s Warning in July, and now she has teamed up with Soulful Session aka Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips on Hostile Takeover.

This is a song about having your heart stolen by somebody who gets right under your skin, then manipulates you and throws you away like you never existed. When Lynn sings “I feel all alone” she really conveys the despondency of somebody in that situation and it is a rare songstress who can draw you into a song on that level.

There are quite a few mixes to choose from. I like the classic keyboards and splash cymbals on the Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper (Director’s Cut) remix.

The Tony Humphries and Junior White is more of a classic house mix.

The DJ Spen and N’Dinga Gaba mix is a mixture of classic house with a slight afro feel to it and a deeper vibe.

The Kenny Carpenter Big Apple Mix has sexy latin drums, piano,  and a gospel touch.

The David ‘Unharness Yoself’ NY/SF Dub Mix is funkier and heavier with a stomping house beat.

The Soulful Session Radio Edit has a broken drum beat, big piano sound and a soulful vibe.