What Ya Gonna Do – Taliwa, Circle of Funk

What Ya Gonna Do  – Circle of Funk, Taliwa

Circle of Funk are a production team who are ever evolving, unafraid to try new sounds, and bringing new and interesting vibes to the fore with every release. Circle of Funk’s origins go back to the 90’s where Bristol based Lee and Paul formed a DJ Duo called Culture Shock. Andy joined the group in 2000 and the first ever Circle of Funk release came to fruition in 2006 – a track called Games with Mandy Senior. Lee and Paul have since moved to London where they are regulars on the London club circuit. Over the years they have teamed up with many great artists including Natasha Watts, Lifford, Mr V, Robert Owens, Dawn Tallman, and they have also been in great demand for their remixes. The Circle of Funk sound blends the best of old style disco, funk, soul and house genres with a touch of jazz, and melodic electronica, built on strong deep and soulful foundations.

Taliwa is a petite lady who has a huge vocal range, with a depth of maturity and richness that conveys the emotion of every lyric. Taliwa has performed at Beat Players and Deep Into Soul, and is in regular demand around the UK where she is always a favourite with the crowd. She has worked with Neil Pierce and Ziggy Funk (from Rhemi), Mangesto, Sy Sez, Sonny Fodera, Sean McCabe, Wipe The Needle and Souldynamic, and was the voice behind the much celebrated House classic ‘Music For My Sun’. This is her first collaboration with Circle of Funk.

This release is on Slapped Up Soul, Circle of Funk’s own label which supports a variety of artists from talented musicians on the soulful dance music scene. Past releases include contributions from Lifford Shillingford, Robert Owens, Dawn Tallman, Circle of Funk , Wipe The Needle, Gary Bardouille, True2Life, An-Tonic, Louise Golbey and Mr V, the label continues to gain momentum with every new track.

The lyrics of “What Ya Gonna Do” are about having the courage to embrace a relationship rather than holding back through fear of the unknown. Taliwa expresses the notion with passion, her rich sultry voice challenging and encouraging her admirer to take things to the next level. It’s a catchy tune, Circle of Funk’s production maintains a soulful quality while featuring lush piano, stylish percussion and gorgeous melodies over a four to the floor dance beat.

This superb release from Circle of Funk and Taliwa is a wonderful blend of alluring vocals teamed with quality production. An infectious sweet tune that will captivate the listener and instil them with the notion that anything is possible if they take the first step forward. What Ya Gonna Do with this tune in your selection, is warm the heart of the dancing crowd – it is a track that will have them singing and dancing along until the closing bars.

SUS028 What Ya Gonna Do – Circle of Funk, Taliwa – released on Slapped Up Soul November 2017


Love Again – Wipe The Needle, Gary Bardouille


Love Again  – Wipe the Needle ft Gary Bardouille

Lee Gomez is the accomplished producer behind Wipe the Needle – a name that is synonymous with quality productions across a variety of genres, and showcasing some of the best vocal talents in the business. Wipe the Needle emerged on the scene in 2005, producing a diverse blend of House music sounds including vibes of soulful, deep, dark, and tech. Over the years, with more than fifty tracks released, Wipe the Needle is a name that unfailingly creates a buzz with the dance crowd, eagerly awaiting each new cut.

Wipe The Needle tracks have featured on various labels including Defected, 4th Floor, Restless Soul, Deeply Rooted House, Raw Fusion, Groove Odyssey, Solid Ground, Broadcite, Slip n Slide, and Soundmen on Wax. 2016 is already shaping up to be a stellar year for Lee with dance floor hits including Silky and Rise Up with Lifford, and Found You with Taliwa, plus the afro-influenced spoken word Listen Different with Tshaka Campbell. Lee has worked many other artists including Michael Proctor, Eddie Stockley, CT Martin, Pauline Henry, Xavier, Gregory Purnell, Circle of Funk, Soulful Session, Dawn Tallman, Fred Triplett, Alex Lattimore and Foremost Poets to name a few.

Gary Bardouille is a vocalist from the UK who has been gracing the dance music scene with his luscious vocals since 2000. He previously worked with Wipe The Needle in 2011 releasing the Love Is EP on the Soundmen on Wax label. He has also collaborated with talented artists including Luca Ricci, Tom Gianelli, the JTE Project, Leggz, Tommy Marcus and Villanova.

This release is on Slapped Up Soul, a Bristol based label who support and promote the very best in new music. With a wide range of artists in their repertoire including Lifford Shillingford, Robert Owens, Dawn Tallman, Charlene Samms, Circle of Funk , Louise Golbey and Mr V, the label continues to gain momentum with each new release.

The lyrics of “Love Again” are about somebody who has emerged through the emotion and pain of a failed relationship and is now ready to try again. Gary’s beautiful soothing and soulful delivery depicts the hope and anticipation of a new connection that could be something really special, and he brings raw emotion to the track in an understated way that fits perfectly with the ambience of the song.

Wipe The Needle’s production with its trademark exquisite keys and well balanced percussion, draws on influences from the seventies, brought right up to date with every touch and sound carefully placed and measured. Lee and Gary have brought us another classic tune that everybody can identify with whether they are listening quietly, or grooving to the beat on the dance floor. Love Again – the perfect autumn sound to bring joy to our hearts.

SUS026 Love Again – Wipe The Needle, Gary Bardouille – released on Slapped Up Soul October 2016

Found You – Wipe The Needle, Taliwa

found you 1

Found You – Wipe the Needle ft Taliwa

London production maestro Lee Gomez is the talent behind Wipe the Needle – a name that has become one of the most respected acts on the UK music scene. Wipe the Needle came to the fore in 2005, making high quality House beats and mixing it up with vibes of soulful, deep, dark, and tech, to create a diverse blend of flavours. The productions were an immediate success and drew attention from many heavyweights in the business including Neil Pierce and Aaron Ross. Wipe the Needle productions have featured on various labels including Defected, 4th Floor, Restless Soul, Deeply Rooted House, Raw Fusion, Groove Odyssey, Solid Ground, Broadcite, Slip n Slide, and Soundmen on Wax. The WipeThe Needle brand has developed into one of the most exciting and polished production acts in the business, Lee’s quest for technical excellence shines through in every release.

Wipe The Needle productions include artists such as Lifford Shillingford, Michael Proctor, Eddie Stockley, CT Martin, Gary Bardouille, Pauline Henry, Michelle Weeks, Tshaka Campbell, Xavier, Gregory Purnell, Circle of Funk, Soulful Session, Dawn Tallman, Fred Triplett, Alex Lattimore and Foremost Poets to name a few.

Taliwa is an accomplished vocalist from London with a mature and rich singing voice. She conveys passion with every note and has many releases under her belt including the much loved ‘Music For My Sun’. She has been a regular performer at Beat Players and Deep Into Soul and is regularly in demand around the UK. Taliwa has worked with Neil Pierce and Ziggy Funk (from Rhemi), Mangesto, Sy Sez, Sonny Fodera, Sean McCabe and Souldynamic to name a few, and this is her first collaboration with Wipe The Needle.

This release is on Slapped Up Soul, a Bristol based label who support and showcase innovative work from up and coming talented musicians that covers a variety of genres. With quality releases from artists including Lifford Shillingford, Robert Owens, Dawn Tallman, Circle of Funk , Louise Golbey and Mr V, the label continues to go from strength to strength.

The lyrics of “Found You” depict the joy and emotions that accompany the excitement when one finally realises that the person in their life is their true soulmate. Taliwa’s emotive interpretation emanates joy in the most beautiful, romantic and effortless way. Her voice has the clarity and brilliance of a diamond, the kind of voice that soothes the soul and originates deep within her heart.

Wipe The Needle’s production has a slight Afro influence to the percussion, exquisite keys, and a lively Latin House beat which will delight the dancers far and wide. The track is easy to listen to, compelling to dance to, and has a quintessential feel-good vibe.

This excellent release from Wipe The Needle and Taliwa is a beautiful combination of the best vocals matched with quality production. A wonderful joyous tune that will touch every listener’s heart and take them on a blissful journey of love and togetherness – just what House music is all about.

SUS025 Found You – Wipe The Needle, Taliwa – released soon on Slapped Up Soul

Little Bird – Louise Golbey


little birdLittle Bird – Louise Golbey

Louise Golbey is a singer from London who has entertained audiences near and far with her jazzy soulful style. Music has always been in her blood – she comes from a musically talented family and came to the fore in 2008 when she was a finalist in the Indy Music Awards. Louise has supported renowned artists including George Benson and The Stylistics on Tour, and she has worked with the likes of Omar, Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran, Example and Alexander O’Neal. Her songs Weigh A Ton and No Pretence feature on the soundtrack of the much acclaimed film ‘Hard Time Bus’, and she has performed at many prestigious venues including Ronnie Scott’s, The Jazz Cafe, and The Hippodrome. Louise is a hard working and talented lady who is attracting a lot of attention in the music world, and it won’t be long until she is the name on everybody’s lips.

BlackJack is Bristol based Dan Ankrah who has released solo productions including his best known work On Fire featuring Frances Mary. He is also an established member of Circle of Funk, and has recently worked on a project called Metokan with fellow Bristol producer Richard ‘True2Life’ Pring.

This package is being released on the rising Slapped Up Soul label which showcases new and established soulful talent both in the UK and worldwide.

Little Bird is a metaphorical reflective track about making the decision to let go of situations that are no longer working out. The mixed sentiments of loss and freedom that occur during the time of transition are conveyed with real feeling by Louise in her accomplished lyrical delivery.

The Original Track features on Louise’s album Novel, and is an impressive soulful cut with a wonderful laid-back vibe and outstanding vocal harmonies. Louise has a richness and warmth to her voice which makes the performance seem effortless. BlackJack completes the package with an upbeat remix that will have the dancers in the audience moving to the captivating beat. Well considered use of percussion and keys adds an extra dimension to the song, and there is also an instrumental version of the remix.

Little Bird is a song that will appeal to a wide audience. It is versatile enough to dance or relax to and is sure to entice listeners worldwide with its smooth soulful groove.

SUS023 ‘Little Bird’ released on Slapped Up Soul 26 February 2016

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Circle of Funk – Walking in Circles EP

walking in circles

Walking in Circles is the latest EP release from Bristol production quartet Circle of Funk, and the seventeenth release on the Slapped Up Soul label.

Circle of Funk began producing music in 2010 with a remix of Mandy Senior’s “Games”, and have entertained us ever since with a wealth of genres and styles, some instrumental, and some collaborative, featuring respected artists such as Lifford Shillingford, Mr V, Robert Owens, Natasha Watts, and more recently introducing talented London singer Charlene Samms.

Yet again the boys have produced an EP which is not only unique and contemporary but somehow comfortingly familiar in its evocative quality. Never formulaic in their approach, Circle of Funk certainly had their artistic synapses firing with this production, drawing on their palette of inspiration to create something very versatile for the dance music community.

Both tracks are a spot-on selection of stylish percussion sounds, smooth keys and edgy vocal samples fused with the familiar warmth of a funky vibe.

The first composition Gladys Mayhem has an intense deepness and an atmospheric, dream-like feel which would be just as fitting on a dramatic film soundtrack as on the club dance floor. Sitting With Stan is a lively and heart-warming creation, that will quickly have you moving your feet to the beat with its up tempo keys and feel-good atmosphere.

For an artist to convey emotion without lyrics is a real achievement, and Circle of Funk have effortlessly achieved this by producing two engaging, expressive, and multi-faceted tracks. Walking in Circles – pure joy for the feet and the senses, goes to show why Circle of Funk are fast becoming one of the UK’s most respected production teams.

SUS017 Walking In Circles EP – Circle of Funk

Released on Slapped Up Soul – 21 July 2014 (available now on Promo)

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Double Trouble – Circle of Funk, Lifford, Natasha Watts


This is a collaboration made in heaven – Circle of Funk featuring Lifford and Natasha Watts. Circle of Funk have worked with Lifford on three tracks: In Love, Give it to Me and the perpetual crowd-pleaser Feelin’ It.  The Bristol boys have also worked with Natasha on Be Gone and Soulstream. This is the first time that all three have collaborated and it makes for an impressive combination of talents.

This is one of those tracks that will have the listener up and dancing at the start, its infectious almost ‘nu-bossa nova’ bouncy bassline has that immediate effect.  Lifford’s unmistakeable honey-toned vocals drift in like an ocean wave, and coupled with Natasha’s expressive delivery, they connect to create an exceptional duet.

The skilfully constructed strings, keys and percussion, and the well-placed bass drops combine to add value to the sexy dance vibe along the way.

It is a song that takes you on a journey through the relationship ups and downs of Lifford and Natasha, the heavenly soulful vocals are perfect, the amusing spoken interlude shows off  Lifford’s and Natasha’s characters, and the whole blend has the audience hooked from start to finish.

This song will have wide appeal and is a sure-fire chart topper. Watch out for Double Trouble – one of the best tracks of 2013.

Out on promo 16 Dec 2013 the promo package provides a quality remix and dub from Wipe The Needle.

In Love – Circle of Funk ft Lifford

This is a brand new song by Circle of Funk and Lifford. It gets released next Monday 10th June 2013 on the Slapped Up Soul label SUS011.

In Love artwork

Circle of Funk are definitely in my favourites list – they keep producing tunes that I simply love. I will post an artist review later in this blog – I have a lot to say about this group of talented guys.

There are lots of mixes of this song – they all sound different, and they are all good. Usually when I am presented with a song with multiple mixes, I like just one or two of them, but all of the three main mixes are really good and have their own unique slant on the song, and to begin with I couldn’t decide which one I liked best – it kept changing, which to me indicates that there is no inferior version of this song – they are all excellent. There’s the deep vibe of the original mix, the slightly jazzy vibe of the CoF soulful mix, and the more classic house dance vibe of Flex’s mix. Then there’s Lifford’s smooth soulful vocals which add magic to the whole package.

It is a song you can chill to, dance to, run to, (I have done all three), it fits any occasion, and although it is mainly a house track it is subtly different from regular house music, so grabs your attention with its unique arrangements. This song has topped the Pressureradio Soulful House Chart for the past two weeks.

I am officially in love with IN  LOVE – one of the best tunes of 2013.

Here is the official review:

IN LOVE is the latest track from Lifford and UK House producers Circle of Funk – the music that these guys produce just gets better and better with every release. This track will carry you away to the heady, distracted heights of being In Love with Lifford’s sensual, heartfelt vocals coupled with Circle of Funk’s deep and sexy house beats. The song is almost an aphrodisiac in the way that it draws you in, providing real satisfaction for the soul. This track showcases the very best of deep house music and shows how these talented musicians are able to treat us all to something new and unique even though house music has been around for years. Be sure to check out the amazing mix by Flex on his 90’s groove that takes you back into the day…

This is a soundcloud link to the 3 main mixes: