Swingin – Reelsoul


Swingin – Reelsoul

 Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriquez was born in 1980, and grew up at a time when dance music was gaining increasing popularity worldwide. Many new genres and subgenres were being created, and young Will absorbed every shred of musical knowledge. Encouraged by his father he started his collection of 45’s at the age of four, he also fell in love with the keyboard and taught himself how to play by ear, and by the age of twelve, Will was making beats with two tape decks and a keyboard. Soaking up the sounds of Rare Groove, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Disco, Soul, and House to name a few, he quickly became a genius on the turntables, securing his first DJ gig at the age of eleven. Reelsoul has developed and perfected his signature soulful sound over the years, really making a name for himself in the world of Soulful House music. His productions tend to be upbeat and bouncy, carefree and sunny like his native California, with many subtle touches that pay homage to his influential heroes of the last fifty years. Always pushing boundaries, he often surprises us with departures from his usual style, venturing into minimal, electronica, techno, and sometimes providing the vocals for his own tracks. Reelsoul has a talent for choosing just the right elements to complement each musical creation, and he has recorded insightful videos to demonstrate how he builds up the layers of sound in each production. Very much in demand for his unique production talent, he has collaborated with Frankie Feliciano, Mr V, DJ Spinna, DJ Spen, Kimara Lovelace, Monique Bingham, Typheni, Distant People, Chappell, Dawn Tallman, Kenny Summit, Blaze, Eric Benèt, Miss Patty, Nicole Mitchell, Stephanie Cooke, Leroy Burgess, Mark di Meo, Rona Ray, AG Thomas and Pete Simpson to name a few, building up a huge catalogue of successful releases and remixes. He is very much an integral member of Mr V’s Sole Channel family and regularly travels around the world enchanting audiences with his quality DJ sets.

Swingin is a release which includes an instrumental and an extended mix courtesy of Darryl James. The package is released on Darryl’s Altra Music Inc label, a label which he founded with the late R&B superproducer Fred McFarlane. Altra is a label which highlights many different genres including R&B and Jazz, as well as the regular wide range of dance music flavours.

Darryl James is from New York, and is a seasoned DJ, producer and remixer, having graced the booths at three of New York’s hottest clubs of recent decades – Bentleys, The Red Parrot and The Silver Shadow. Darryl is an accomplished radio DJ, having presented shows on Kiss fm and WBLS, and he has collaborated with many heavyweights of the dance music scene including Todd Terry, Robin S, Kem, Janet Jackson and Heather Headley.

Swingin is big and bold with a beat that resonates from the opening bars. With a backdrop vocal sample of Marvin Gaye ‘Got to give it up’, the listener can hear elements of eighties Technotronic-esque keys along with the hallmark Reelsoul bouncing beat. Mesmerising and enchanting, this track immerses the dancer into world of mystery and classic video game style techno, along with shimmering soulful touches – it is as intoxicating as it is joyful and definitely a track that will move your mind and your body, and have you longing to go to Marvin’s party.

Darryl’s extended mix has an intensified beat and builds further on the effects of Reelsoul’s original, giving extended pleasure for the clubgoers.

This is a release that delivers on all levels – it is contemporary but familiar, beguiling and magical, a track that picks you up and carries you to the dancefloor where you definitely will not want the party to end.

AMI007 – Swingin’  – Reelsoul  – Altra Music Inc release date 19 Jan 2017

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My Way EP – Michele Chiavarini

My Way

My Way EP – Michele Chiavarini

Michele Chiavarini (pronounced key-ava-ree-knee) is a rare breed of producer, accomplished in so many musical fields that every production oozes quality and it is easy to see why. Michele has been creating music for over twenty years, he plays numerous instruments including bass, violin, trumpet and vibraphone, and he is classically trained in piano and guitar. His keys have graced many a production and he has deservedly become the favourite keyboard player of numerous UK producers. He is also a songwriter, arranger, composer, remixer, sound designer and session musician, and because of his multitalented approach, there is nothing synthetic about any of Michele’s creations – he plays all of the instruments and strives for absolute perfection in every release. He has written music for TV and film, worked with Ennio Morricone, and won several awards for his work. He established Nova Fronteira in 2002 and wrote and produced the Full Fronteira EP as well as many other releases including the awesome cover of Everybody Loves The Sunshine. In 2014 he had major success with the House classic Let Me See You (Clap Your Hands) and has gone on to release several club favourites including Naomi’s Song, Get On Out There, Staring At The Sun, Tenderness, Something About Your Love…the list goes on and on. This man has worked with everybody in the business and is possibly one of the most respected artists out there. A native Italian, he now lives in England and has been adopted as an honorary Englishman by everybody who knows him – humble, respectful, kind and with a keen sense of humour, Michele is one of those amazing people with a heart of gold and is a pleasure to know.

The My Way EP is a collection of 6 versions of Doing Things My Way which features Cinnamon Brown on vocals, plus Gifted featuring Dana Weaver. Remixers on this EP include DJ Spen, Reelsoul and Namy. The package is released on DJ Spen’s Quantize Recordings, a label that is synonymous with excellence in Soulful House production, showcasing the very best that the dance music scene has to offer.

Cinnamon Brown hails from New York where she began singing in the Harlem Girls Choir and trained at the Fiorello H La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Classically trained in musical composition, she is a lover of primarily Soulful House, RnB, Gospel and Jazz. She has worked with many respected artists on the dance music scene including Josh Milan, Alex Millet, Mark Stone, Benji Candelero, Giulio Bonaccio, and Federico d’Alessio to name a few.

Dana Weaver is from Baltimore and was recognised as a gifted musician at the age of four when her parents noticed that she could play piano by ear. She went on to become a classically trained pianist, a talented singer, composer, and choir director. She has worked with many quality dance music artists including the late Vesta Williams, Neal Conway (founder Basement Boys member), DJ Spen, Thommy Davis, and Montana & Stewart.

Doing Things My Way is a big bold song, and showcases Michele’s trademark fusion of old and new where he hints at old school jazz funk and disco vibes, with an overall classic orchestral sound, expertly constructed. Cinnamon Brown’s powerful and controlled vocals resonate through the track making this a glorious dance floor future classic. House Music royalty, Baltimore’s DJ Spen  and Californian wonder Will Reelsoul Rodriquez add three remixes to the package including a Hump Mix and a Str8 Rockin’ Xtra. The Spen and Reelsoul remixes are subtle variations on a classic thumping  House version which features cleverly placed keys  and a pulsating bassline that will have the dancers up and bustin moves from the outset. Japanese producer Namy (Yutaka Takanami) pleases the dancers further with a bouncy funky disco vibe that has hints of Nile Rodgers style guitar and a captivating vocal arrangement .

Written by Jill Scott, Gifted is a deeper and more subtle track graced with Dana Weaver’s beautiful vocals. The mesmerising bassline and mystic keys seduce the listener with their exquisite sensual vibe, making this track a nice bonus and a sweet complement to the bold vibrancy of the rest of the EP.

The My Way EP is a stunning collection of music for the feet and the soul. It has deepness, disco, jazz and a shining aura that will thrill and enchant the audience. Certainly one of the best releases of the year, and one that will be remembered for many years to come.

QTZ106 – My Way EP  – Michele Chiavarini  – Quantize Label released on Traxsource promo on 3 June 2016, and on general release 17  June 2016.

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Somethin Wit Jazz (10 year anniversary remixes) – Mr V

somethin wit jazz

Somethin Wit Jazz (Ten Year Anniversary Remixes) – Mr V

Mr V is a Nuyorican producer, DJ and vocalist who lives every day with dance music in his heart and soul. Growing up in New York, and heavily influenced by genres such as Hip Hop, House, Latin, Garage, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Disco he immersed himself in the nightlife, and soon joined Louie Vega as an assistant at the world renowned Masters At Work label. Since then he has gone on to produce several hundred tracks, create his own label, and is in hot demand as a DJ, remixer and vocalist. When Mr V is on the decks he takes the audience through a wonderful journey of dance and rhythm, and has the rare gift of giving the dancer a sensory and physical experience with the magical sets that he creates.

Somethin Wit Jazz was first released in 2005 as part of the Dance Ritual Project on the Sole Channel label , and subsequently appeared on Mr V’s Welcome Home album as well as the Bargrooves Bar Anthems album. The original version features a mesmerising and minimal jazzy vibe. Mr V’s signature rhythmic rap-style vocals are confident, uplifting and intimate, encouraging the dancers to move their bodies and shake their booty. Anybody who has felt intoxicated by the vibes of a special tune will identify with the lyrics which are all about the joy of dancing and becoming one with the music.

The ten year anniversary remix package includes remixes from Man Without A Clue Jay Kutz and Reelsoul.

Dutch producer Man Without A Clue (real name – Alex van Der Meijden) has more than a decade’s experience in the music business and has previously worked with the likes of Roger Sanchez and Kenny Dope. His remix complements the original with a heavier tech feel that is deeply hypnotic but still retains the four to the floor pulse of the track.

Jay Kutz (Jason Peralta) hails from New Jersey and focuses on quality House productions but also has an affinity with 90’s Hip Hop, Melodic Trap, and RnB. Another variation on the traditional House backbeat, his version exhibits hints of film noir eeriness and deepness which give it a late night atmospheric vibe.

Talented Californian producer Reelsoul (Will Rodriquez) has been making waves worldwide since he started creating quality cuts back in the 90’s. Will’s 2016 rework is pacey, upbeat and bouncy, giving us a clever fusion of soulful jazz that has a carefree vibe running throughout. The brass elements are highlighted and there are touches of humour interlaced into the warmth of the track. Will also provides a keyapella and instrumental version.

This release of Somethin Wit Jazz is has a flavour to suit every mindset and will embrace every dancer on the floor, creating feelings and memories that will continue long after the music has ended.

SCM052 – Somethin Wit Jazz (Ten Year Anniversary Remixes) – Mr V – Sole Channel released May 2016 on Bandcamp.

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Get Myself Together – Reelsoul

Get Myself Together

Get Myself Together – Reelsoul

Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriquez lives and breathes music. He has been collecting 45’s since the age of four and still gets a thrill when he finds a rare piece of vinyl to add to his ever growing collection of dance music. With encouragement from his music-loving father, Will taught himself how to play keyboards by ear and began producing beats at the age of twelve with two tape decks and a keyboard. Over the years he has developed and refined his gift and become one of the most respected producers on the planet. He naturally knows which elements to choose from his musical palette, having a flair for what sounds right, and Will has painted a signature soulful sound which invokes a carefree frame of mind in the listener.

Will has previously collaborated with Frankie Feliciano on the Ricanstruction label, and is an integral member of Mr V’s Sole Channel family. He regularly travels around the world enchanting audiences with his top quality DJ sets, and has built up a vast catalogue of releases and remixes having worked with artists including DJ Spinna, DJ Spen, Kimara Lovelace, Monique Bingham, Typheni, Distant People, Chappell, Dawn Tallman, Kenny Summit, Blaze, Eric Benèt, Miss Patty, Nicole Mitchell, Stephanie Cooke and Pete Simpson to name a few.

Get Myself Together is released on Will’s own Reelsoul Musik label, a division of the forward-thinking and innovative Sole Channel brand.

Will has a smoky emotive voice, and the lyrical storyboard tells the tale of a man following his own groove, not being restricted by the boundaries of others and maintaining his own self-belief. This will resonate with all who understand the importance of trusting your own intuition and finding motivation and direction within music.

The Original Mix has the signature Reelsoul bounce and an upbeat vibe, which captures the California sunshine and transports the listener to an easy going ocean location where all is calm, and the waters of inspiration are limitless.

New Jersey’s House specialist Jay Kutz changes it up with a deep, pulsating, four to the floor club version. Atmospheric, warm and mesmerising, this flavour will delight the dancers and carry them on a rapturous journey.

Outstanding Nuyorican talent Mr V brings us a latin flavour, with his chilled sunny interpretation that has the feet tapping from the start. The intoxicating percussion and melodic vocal touches add real warm intensity while retaining the underlying energy of the original.

With this track Reelsoul has captured a special positive feeling, and the two remixes provide exciting alternative backdrops to this uplifting message. Warm, summery and fresh, we have all got ourselves together with Will, and it feels good.

Get Myself Together – Reelsoul released on Reelsoul Musik

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Reelsoul – Mind Games 2 EP

Mind Games EP 2 cover

Released on 8 September 2014, the second Mind Games EP is another instrumental chill-out cognitive storyboard from talented US producer Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriquez. The vibe of the first EP was very much in the present and now the new release teleports us into the future, opening our minds to new possibilities that we had never dreamed of before. It is almost an exercise in meditation, inviting the listener to empty their mind and go where the music takes them, then at the end of the journey to return relaxed and refreshed and inspired to move forward with life. This isn’t just an EP – it’s a musical day-spa.

My journey began quite fittingly with ‘Departure’ where I found myself letting go of my everyday thoughts to make room for new discoveries, preparing to enjoy the ride, somewhat comfortable in the knowledge that I didn’t know what lay ahead of me.

Next came ‘Zero Gravity’ where I felt that I was on my way, suspended and floating outside of the world, detached from the hubbub of life and completely relaxed in my thoughts as the gentle keys and strings carried me on to my destination.

The rhythmic percussion of ‘In The City’ started my body swaying and moving, the music swathed me in feelings of well-being and happiness, as I absorbed the sophistication and warmth around me.

Then with ‘Metropolis’ my journey stepped up a few gears as I drifted faster and faster through the sights and sounds of a whole new world, the beat resonating through to the very core of my body.

With its ebbing and flowing and mesmerising dance beat ‘WTF?’ found my body dancing to the vibe, new beats with a hint of old classics. I was transported to a club of tomorrow, an enigmatic blend of new and familiar, with a unique energy, an intelligently crafted recipe that felt just right.

The Digital Age’ brought rhythmic robotic beats and keys to mind, reminiscent of a hypnotic production line where everything moves in metronomic unison. I became deeply absorbed in this intoxicating dance and then all too soon I was back in the room – back home to reality, but with a new clarity of mind.

The tracks in this EP have an enchanting energy and flow to them. This exercise in musical therapy took me outside of my usual boundaries of thought and into a promising and encouraging future, it made me dance, and freed my mind.

Reelsoul has welcomed us all to the new school, achieving a futuristic vibe without sounding too quirky or bizarre. There is still his underpinning warmth and essence, an overall feelgood vibe, a few echoes of the 70’s and 80’s, a sprinkle of the familiar Reelsoul bounce, but also a pathway to new discoveries where anything is possible and the palette of sounds is limitless.

Mind Games 2 EP – Reelsoul available at http://willreelsoul.bandcamp.com/album/mind-games-2

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Reelsoul – Mind Games EP

mind games ep

Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriquez is one of those rare creative musicians who has that ‘special something’, the secret ‘wow’ factor, a gift, a natural flair for what sounds right, and the world is beginning to realise what an amazing producer this man is. Last year I remember looking at a list of the top 40 House producers and being astonished that Reelsoul did not feature, he is definitely one of my top 3.

Born in 1980, Will grew up with a music-loving father, and started his collection of 45’s at the tender age of four. Influenced by a whole range of dance music genres, Will taught himself how to play keyboards by ear and by the age of 12 he was already creating his own productions with two tape decks and a keyboard. Since then he has developed and perfected his signature soulful sound, giving each track a different flavour of the ‘Reelsoul Bounce’. You can feel the California sunshine in every release.

Will has collaborated with Frankie Feliciano on the Ricanstruction label, and Mr V on the Sole Channel label, and is now in demand worldwide for his top quality DJ and production skills. He names DJ Spinna, Masters At Work, and Alix Alvarez among his greatest influences.

The instrumental ‘Mind Games’ EP is a chilled-out, atmospheric departure from Reelsoul’s regular bouncy dance beats but still has all of the hallmark elements that we know and love about his music. In keeping with Will’s departure from the norm, I have chosen to review the tracks in a different way from my usual matter-of-fact manner. This time I am describing where the music takes me, the very personal journey in my mind, aah yes I think I am beginning to understand why the EP is called Mind Games.

The introductory piece – ‘Waiting’ – takes me to a rainy evening in the city where I am walking along with my umbrella enjoying how the rain has refreshed everything and made the world feel brand new. The jazzy feel with brass elements and smooth piano calms my mind, and as the music fades out, the storm has passed and order is restored in the world.

Daydream’ takes me to a deserted beach on a hot day with the waves rolling in as the sun beats down draping me in warmth. The music slowly bounces along, swinging in time with the roll of the waves, the gentle sunshine keys warm my skin, making this tune the epitome of a beautiful carefree summer day.

Sweetness’ comes next with its broken beat, hint of deepness, soft chords, and minimal keys. This track takes me on a night out to the city to a stylish bar, a smart restaurant, a relaxed kind of glamour, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the beautiful people go by. I feel content, immersed in good company, part of the city scene, and enjoying the sweetness of life.

With its rhythmic beat, warm keys and balanced percussion, ‘Shy’ takes me out dancing. Now I am at the club, my body is moving and I am part of the crowd, but also in my own zone, feeling the beat, absorbing the undulating keys throughout, at one with the music and in the place I love to be.

3.46am’ the outro, with its raindrop keys, and gorgeous ethereal vibe, has a late night feel. I am driving home in the early hours after a superb night out with friends, tired, but happy and reflective, remembering the fun and laughter we had.

This EP took my mind on a journey that I want to take again and again, to nice memories – relaxing, chilled, and beautiful, this EP is musical soul food that will warm your heart.

Reelsoul is a man who certainly knows how to produce music, his natural flair and pursuit of perfection radiates throughout every track, but more than anything he is able to capture an atmosphere, a feeling, a moment in time – and that’s a very rare gift.

Mind Games EP – Reelsoul available at https://willreelsoul.bandcamp.com/album/mind-games-e-p

The Right Way – Kenny Summit/Reelsoul

The Right Way

The first time I heard this track was at 7am, and I’ll be honest, there aren’t many tunes that will have me up and dancing around the lounge at that time, but this one is something truly special.

It is a remix of the 1990 track ‘Rub you the right way’ by Johnny Gill which made it to number one in the US R&B chart. If you think it sounds a bit ‘Bobby Brown’ then you’re not wrong – Johnny and Bobby were both part of the group New Edition (although they were originally not part of the group at the same time, in recent years they have worked together). New Edition had hits in the 80’s with ‘Candy Girl’, ‘Cool it Now’ and ‘Mr Telephone Man’.

Kenny Summit is from New Jersey and heads up the Good For You record label. He has been a DJ for over 20 years and has worked with Eric Kupper, Scott Wozniak and Frankie Knuckles to name just a few and his international reputation as a class producer keeps on growing. William ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriguez had his first DJ gig at the age of 11 and has established a stellar reputation as a DJ/producer having worked with the likes of Mr V, Groove Junkies, Sterling Ensemble and DJ Spinna. I know that if a track has Reelsoul’s name on it, then it is going to be a track that I want for my collection – I have been quoted as saying that Will Reelsoul makes the bestest, bounciest, funkiest, jackin, most bum-wiggling remixes.

The production on this track has brought it bang up to date, and there’s no mistaking the Reelsoul bass line, coupled with Kenny Summit’s magic touches. I haven’t stopped dancing yet – and this remix is already in the top ten of the Traxsource chart – wow – what a banger.

The Right Way available on Good For You records GFY031

Have a listen to both the remix and the original version here: