Derek Fevrier – Damsels and Crooners (Nu-Lovers UK)

Damsels and Crooners

Derek Fevrier has created an album with 24 tracks of high quality lovers rock reggae.

Derek was born in the UK and is of Dominican descent, he has travelled extensively in the Caribbean and worked in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Derek’s production name is Demondo and he has worked with talented reggae artists since the seventies. He plays violin and bass guitar amongst other instruments and has also worked as a session musician.

demondo demondo

An accomplished sound engineer and talented producer, Derek has worked with top French hip-hop, R&B and reggae artists and he also takes time to mentor young sound engineers. He also works with Lymelyte Concert and PA Media supplying sound solutions for events in and around the London area.

Damsels and Crooners features performances from Amaziah, Kofi, King Kalabash, Annette-B, Theresa Jae, Michael Gordon, Frederica Tibbs, Della Grant, Ricardo McKenzie, Klearview Harmonix, Sista Carmen, Dennis Pinnock,  and Ibis Lawrence.

My favourite tracks on the album are ‘See The Dream’, an inspirational track featuring Frederica Tibbs, and ‘One Hello’ and ‘Cupid Sent an Arrow’ two sweet lovers rock vibes featuring the vocal talents of Amaziah.

The sound production quality is excellent on each track, the reggae rhythm guitar strong and punchy and the vocals pitch perfect. This is an album that can be the soundtrack to your day, it is easy to listen to, the songs are catchy – you will find yourself humming them to yourself, and it brings a refreshing dimension to reggae music. Clean up to date production but not losing the familiar reggae vibe that we all know and love.

Have a listen to the tracks here: Damsels and Crooners – preview tracks