This is my music blog. I remember dancing to Top of the Pops in the 60’s when I was a very young child and the first record that my parents ever bought me was “Ha ha said the clown” by Manfred Mann. The first record I ever bought myself was “Hell Raiser” by the Sweet. I soon built up a varied vinyl collection which I carefully catalogued and organised in special cardboard sleeves, and I regularly ran the youth club discos – not using any particularly swish DJing skills – just lining up the next track and enjoying making everybody dance.

I love all genres but particularly Reggae, Soul, Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House, UK garage, Drum and Bass, Metal, Jazz-funk, and I have been to countless concerts over the years ranging from Level 42 to Motorhead.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert. I just know what I like, and I want to share the music I love. If you want to join me, you are welcome, please give me feedback, I would love this blog to be interactive. However, if the music I am playing and recommending is not to your taste, that’s cool too – each to their own.


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