Like You Do – JC Unique

Like You Do

JC Unique, one of the many aliases of Chris Woods, is an accomplished producer, DJ, radio station owner, and label owner, having had many releases as James Unique and Unique2Rhythm. Producing tracks that are a blend of Classic House, Deep House, Tech House, Soulful House and UK Garage, he is a man who likes to make us dance, and his skilful touches ooze quality in every beat of his productions. Chris owns and runs ForTheLoveOfHouse Radio on bringing a wide network of DJs to the fore, and it is clear that he loves what he does, music being an obvious joy in his life. He can regularly be found on the decks in his local Suffolk area, and he runs the Unique 2 Rhythm label with Richard Kersey. Chris has worked with many talented musicians including Steve Silk Hurley, Gregory Gibbs, Jay Funk, Macca D, Oski DJ, Tommie Cotton, Soul Jacka, Steve Lucas, Timmy Thomas and Kym Sims to name a few.


Like You Do is a deep and luscious track with smooth vocals that will have your body moving from the opening bars. It has a sultry late night vibe that will keep the club dancers grooving until the sun comes up. Bristol based Richard Pring brings us the True2Life version with all of its glitz and live band feel – a classic soulful vibe, that will please the Soulful House die-hards. Amsterdam’s very own Lombard Street nails the brief with his groovy deep shuffle and thumping bassline, an alternative sexy night time flavour that will have the club bumping.

All three mixes complement each other to make this an outstanding package and must for every summer DJ set. Like You Do is a track where we definitely like what it does – it takes us on a deep soulful journey to a balmy heady place, where we can dance all of our cares away.

Like You Do – JC Unique released on Unique2Rhythm on 30 Jun 2017.

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Touch The Spirit – True2Life, An-Tonic


Touch The Spirit – True2Life, An-tonic

True2Life aka Richard Pring is a producer from Bristol, who has been around since 1999. Starting out as part of Triplicity and the Park Street team with Ceri Howe, John Revelle, and Kai Jolly, Richard was involved in several releases and worked with talented singers including Rainy Payne and Diana Waite. In recent years as True2Life he has been prolific, producing Classic House, Soulful House and UK Garage vibes, working with artists including Phillip Ramirez, Lady Bunny, Dennis Wonder and Pat Bedeau. He is also very much in demand for his bumping remixes, having had success with Circle of Funk’s Feelin It, featuring Lifford on vocals, and One House Plus with Jazzloungerz and An-tonic.

An-Tonic has been a huge fan of dance music since the age of seven when he got into Funkadelic, having had the good fortune to meet George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. Once he was old enough, he travelled the world featuring in various films as an extra, and was then recruited as a member of the New York Guardian Angels. Working through the night, he was able to pursue his love of music and featured in open jam sessions where he featured with the likes of Funkadelic, Bobby McFerrin, LL Cool J and Terminator X. Anton fell in love with House music and started to collaborate with various producers, his spoken word vocals adding richness to many releases. He has featured on several productions including Pleasuredome with Andy Holder, Freerider with Jamie Anderson and Owain-K, Sunshine Getdown with Shane D and Dean Saunders, and Televized! with Louis Ferrier.

This package is being released on the rapidly rising Slapped Up Soul label which features quality soulful artists from around the globe.

Touch the Spirit is a track which delivers a poetic message about the spiritual nature of House music that many lovers of the genre will relate to. Anton delivers the vocals with an authoritative and heartfelt passion that will resonate with the mindset of the audience.

The Original Mix is animated with elements of House, Soulful House, UK Garage and Techno, amongst a dazzling synth backdrop. Definitely a dance floor favourite, it is a track that skilfully mingles genres and will stimulate the senses of the club faithful. The Raw Mix crosses genres again with its blend of broken beat and UK garage vibes, the percussive rhythms, organ stabs and driving beat delivering an alternative mood. Bristol boys Circle of Funk deliver a mix that is a predominant blend of deep, ethereal and minimal, with enchanting keys and delicate percussion that weaves its way through a bouncing beat, while up and coming young UK producer Jordan Trove brings us a quality mesmerising and almost anthem-like flavour with a pulsating backbeat that keeps the momentum high throughout.

A worthy addition to DJ sets around the world, each version has a captivating quality, making this an exciting package that will lift and touch everybody’s spirit as the balmy summer rooftop evenings approach.

SUS027  ‘Touch The Spirit’ released on Slapped Up Soul June 2017