Turn You Up – Kenny Dope presents Lee Wilson

turn you up

Turn You Up – Kenny Dope presents Lee Wilson

Brooklyn man and 4 time Grammy nominee Kenny Dope Gonzalez is one of the biggest names in House Music, having initiated the Masters At Work brand in the early 1980’s. He has worked with just about everybody in the business and is most famously associated with Louie Vega, collaborating on the seminal Nuyorican Soul album in 1993, and wowing crowds with their DJ sets at world famous venues like Southport Weekender, 51st State, Suncebeat, Groove Odyssey, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, ADE, Chosen Few, and Pure Pacha to name a few. Kenny is known as a production trailblazer, having set the standard for many others with his syncopated beat style, and he has achieved worldwide fame with releases such as The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (under the alias of The Bucketheads). He founded the Kay Dee and Dope Wax labels and is currently one of the most hard working and prolific remixers, producers and DJs on the circuit.

Lee Wilson  is a versatile singer and songwriter from Boston who has a rich and soulful voice that effortlessly crosses genre boundaries. He has spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico absorbing the lifestyle and culture as well as independently releasing four albums, opening for John Legend, and achieving success with his R&B, Reggaeton, Pop, and Latin sounds. Lee is a man who is always up for a challenge, not one who follows the crowd, and not somebody who can be easily categorised. Concentrating on what feels right musically, Lee continues to go from strength to strength and is a name to be watched.

The Dope Wax Label founded in 2004 is Kenny’s label showcasing his own work as well as a variety of House artists and musical styles.

The lyrics of Turn You Up are about the pure joy of being at one with the music in the room. “Give me music, let it use me, fill me up till I’m complete”. Lee perfectly expresses the feelings that every dancer and music lover has when listening to a song that resonates through to their very soul, intoxicating them with the beat.

Fellow Brooklyn legend Todd Terry teams up with Kenny on three of the remixes. The first remix has Kenny and Todd’s signature all over it with a broken feel and big full-on House sound.  The O’Gutta Dub takes us on an atmospheric futuristic journey with its hypnotic and spaced out vibe while The Brooklyn Bridge Dubb has a mysterious and intense leftfield feel while retaining an underlying jacking beat.

Kelvin Sylvester brings us the remix that is the pick of the bunch. The quality of his smooth production is evident in this warm, soulful and harmonic version. Perfect subtle touches and effects give the track a certain something that will appeal to every listener. Kelvin’s mix fully embraces Lee’s passion for the music that is his lifeblood, bringing out the best in his superb vocals, while retaining the four to the floor beat that will make this remix a dance floor classic.

Turn You Up – a song that everybody who loves music can identify with – the love is transported through every note by Lee and the uber talented team of producers who have contributed to this masterpiece.

DW115 Turn You Up – Kenny Dope Presents Lee Wilson –  Dope Wax Label released 6 May 2016.

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