Impact Barnet Youth Project


One of my favourite up and coming artists, Jay Henry (who performs as ‘Activist’) is working on a youth film project called Impact Barnet.

This project aims to candidly challenge people’s perceptions of issues which surround today’s youth including

  • Bullying
  • Knife Crime
  • Racism
  • Substance Abuse
  • Drugs
  • Gang Culture
  • Peer Pressure
  • Sex
  • Discrimination
  • Stereotypes

Jay’s music is inspired by his own real life situations and experiences and is always delivered with raw passion – he is not afraid to push back the boundaries and tell the story as it is. He is a man who has turned some extremely negative experiences in his life into positives by sharing his knowledge and survival techniques with others, and helping them to see that anything is possible if you have the drive and ambition to overcome your problems.

As part of the youth group and film project he brings a wealth of experience from the entertainment sphere, having already made several gritty videos to accompany his music. Jay emphasises that he works as part of a team with co workers Kat, Shelley and Sade who contribute enormously to the project and also appear as actors in the films.

This project is particularly poignant for Jay due to a recent tragic experience where a friend was murdered for his laptop.

The youth group started three years ago with 12 participants – this number has now increased to approximately 60, which speaks volumes about the good work being done here.

The film episodes walk through some of the issues that young people face and challenge the public stereotypes that exist, but they also show that there are very positive aspects to inner city life and how many young people are making a significant contribution to overcome their challenges and help others. All of the actors in the film are members of the youth group.

This is a project that will turn your perceptions upside down, and make you realise that appearances mean nothing – everybody has something positive to give the world.