The Piscean Group – Original Soundtrack


Original Soundtrack

Piscean Group

Osunlade, founder of Yoruba Records was born in St Louis in 1969 and has a unique, spiritual and refreshing approach to his music. Being a priest of the Yoruba religion of Ifa, his musical creations are an extension of his spiritual roots.

If you know a Piscean and you believe a little in astrology, you will know that Pisceans are generally mellow, artistic, dreamy, mystical, sensitive, emotional and escapist. This debut album pretty much sums up Pisces, and the founding members, Sir Robert & Osunlade both share the star sign. The group is an open collaboration of musicians from St Louis, and in typical Piscean fashion the meeting of minds is very free flow and a vehicle for expression for all writers, musicians and performers to share their art. The almost anonymity of the participants allows the essence of the music to take centre stage – it’s all about enjoying the product of beautiful musical minds.

The self titled debut album released on R2 Records will take you on a mental journey – it’s a soundtrack not for a film but for an imaginative Piscean dream, and we will all gain a unique personal insight from it.

My personal journey began with the ancestral prayer of Mo Juba – its mesmerising tambourine and seashore sounds had me laying on a beach with the sun warming my very soul and then came The Chase which transported me to a classy bar with its jazzy relaxed feel. Ryan’s Song is very atmospheric and had me floating above the world and then on to a club where Osunlade’s emotional vocals on Fairytale made me sway and dance to the beat. Funxbox had me travelling fast through the city and then plunged me straight into a trippy dream with the chilled out vocals on Loverboy.

All of a sudden I was back by the sea with the gentle guitar and ocean sounds of Floating Winds, feeling the breeze on my face before being teleported into St Louis Strut – a track which successfully mixes funky, brass and afro sounds to a rhythmic beat and has the feel of a retro arcade game that you can lose yourself in.

Then comes the vital heartbeat rhythm of jazzy track Futureworld, followed by the classy piano vibes of Noah Charlie which placed me at a card table inside a swanky casino. My amazing dream ended with the lovely romantic soft groove tribute to Maya Angelou which radiates the beauty of this incredible woman. That’s where my therapeutic Piscean journey ended and I had experienced all of the astrological traits of this sign in musical form, feeling free and soothed by my travel.

Everybody’s interpretation will be different and the Piscean Group will touch you with their music – how deeply they touch you depends on how far you want to open your mind and let them in.


Circle of Funk, Lifford – Feelin It – The Remixes

Feelin it Remixes

Circle of Funk the innovative and industrious production quartet from Bristol are fast becoming favourites on the UK dance scene. In recent years they have worked with worldwide respected artists including Dawn Tallman, Robert Owens, Mr V, and Natasha Watts and since 2011 they have released several tracks featuring the talented Lifford Shillingford.

With his silky smooth vocals, Lifford is well known for his 2000 ‘It’s All About The Stragglers’ collaboration with Artful Dodger, having been the featured vocalist on ‘Something’, and ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’. Lifford also has contributed to an extensive catalogue of tracks covering a multitude of genres including Drum and Bass, Soulful House, Soul and Reggae to name a few. He is an impassioned songwriter and his lyrics are often a reflection of his life journey and an expression of his deepest thoughts.

In 2011 Feelin It was the first collaboration between Circle of Funk and Lifford. The track beat was still under construction, and serendipitously, Lifford heard it. He was immediately moved by the party Afro and Latin vibes, and felt compelled to create his own magical lyrics. The track was publicly very well received and reached number 7 in the Official Urban UK Club chart.

The remix package is being released on the Slapped Up Soul label with contributions from top South African producer Luka and Bristol maestro Richard Pring (True2Life).

Luka’s remix turns the track completely on its head from a lively party track to a minimal Afro chillout cut that is Luka’s trademark. Although he adds a very different emotion to the proceedings, it works incredibly well and has a mesmerising charm that gets right inside the psyche of the listener.

True2Life provides a remix and a dub version, bringing a big sound to the mix, a lively UK garage touch with jazzy organ and a bouncing beat that will keep the dance floor grooving.

Circle of Funk have carefully chosen two very accomplished producers to remix one of the absolute gems of their back catalogue. The remixes are very different flavours of the original but both retain something very addictive about this track which has really done justice to the original composition. Feelin It (The Remixes) is a beautifully constructed package which is sure to be a hit on the summer dance floors around the world.

SUS019 ‘Feelin It – The Remixes’ released on Slapped Up Soul May 2015