DJ Soulchild – Biography

DJ Soulchild UM

A child of the 1960’s, Sean was born in Handsworth, Birmingham where he recounts his earliest musical memories of family parties, his dad spinning at the decks with Caribbean Reggae music in full flow – this was the early roots reggae style and sparked Sean’s love of all things musical.

He recalls a childhood where Sundays were all about church and Gospel music, immersing him in the soulful depths of worship through song. He also fondly remembers the community of the local barber shop where lifelong friendships were founded, the establishment buzzing with conversations about all and sundry, but especially music, and a haircut was just a by-product of the gathering.

These were the years where mainstream music was all about Pop, Rock and Glam Rock and Top of the Pops was the main musical outlet on TV. Although Motown featured sometimes, mainstream music in the UK was predominantly white, and an outlet was sorely needed for music of black origin.

Sean’s first experience as a DJ was at the age of 11 at the school disco, initially under the supervision of a teacher, but by the age of 13 he was running the show single-handedly and enjoying playing the music that he loved to his school friends. At that time his influences included the Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, Stevie Wonder, and The Jacksons but within a few years he was heavily into the 2 tone scene, a fully fledged Rude Boy loving The Specials, The Beat, The Selecter, Madness and Bad Manners, and dressing in the fashions of the ska revival scene. Around this time, multi-ethnic group UB40 put Birmingham on the musical map with their unique blend of reggae and thought-provoking lyrics with blues and dub overtones, and this set the Birmingham vibe buzzing, with Sean soaking up the atmosphere and listening to the sounds that would shape his musical future.

He played football as an apprentice for West Bromwich Albion for 2 years, but retired due to a recurring foot injury. He also worked in the Territorial Army, a solicitor’s office and for the police force. Through the years, he embraced the underground music scene being heavily influenced in the 80’s and 90’s with Jungle, Drum and Bass, US Garage, RnB and especially UK Garage. Mingling with the likes of Fabio and Grooverider, and loving the sounds of Karl ‘TuffEnuff’ Brown, Todd Edwards, MJ Cole, Wookie and Master Stepz, Sean DJ’d (as DJ Conrad) in many clubs and bars and built up a reputation as a solid dance-floor filler, securing residencies in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Peterborough.

He got his first taste of radio as a multi-genre presenter for MixFM in Birmingham, broadcasting the breakfast show, the lovers show (soulful love tracks) and one of the first UK Garage and House shows, playing the sounds of Jeremy Sylvester, Grant Nelson, Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross and Barry White to name a few.

As the new century dawned, and always having taken his fitness quite seriously, Sean concentrated more on his business as a Personal Trainer. He moved to Holland and secured various contracts including training successful Dutch basketball team SPM Shoeters Den Bosch (known as Eiffel Towers Den Bosch). His Personal Training business was going really well until 2011 when Sean suffered a stroke and was surprised to discover that he had a serious heart condition. This was a real wake up call and provoked much soul searching and a whole change of lifestyle for Sean. Appreciating his own mortality was a cathartic experience for him and re-awakened his passion for the music business. He moved to Australia where he continued to work in more moderate forms of personal training such as rehabilitation. While in Adelaide, he took on the alias DJ Soulchild, and secured a regular gig at the Loco Bar in the Casino where he soon became one of the most in demand entertainers in the area. Bringing underground music to the people of Adelaide, Soulchild secured residencies at The Kings Head, The Richmond Hotel and Sean’s Kitchen as well as a regular slot on where he initiated one of the first radio shows in the region to play predominantly afro, deep and soulful house. He has performed with DJ Ragz, a kindred spirit, and the pair have formed a solid friendship and business partnership with the Urban Movement Entertainments brand. Soulchild promotes many artists around the world, especially the up and coming South African house musicians and now has a reputation as a talented DJ, presenter and interviewer.

The future is bright for Soulchild – a proud father of two lovely daughters and a grandfather to two bright grandchildren, Sean has a passion to set the Brisbane scene on fire with more of the same. He has also recently started to make his own productions which have already been featured by DJs on other radio stations, and this is an area where he continues to hone his craft with enthusiasm and flair. With Urban Movement, Sean has plans to start a national urban radio station and organise and promote music events in Australia and New Zealand. With music, this man is doing what he was born to do – when he talks about music you can feel his passion – it’s not a job, it’s what he loves, lives and breathes, and you can see his spirit come alive through the music.