Before The Night Is Over – Soulful Session ft Lizzie Nightingale

Soulful Session aka Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips is a seasoned professional in the music business who has earned a reputation for producing quality cuts. He started off as a radio and club DJ who aimed for the stars and successfully secured roles presenting radio shows on Choice FM and Capital, and he has been instrumental in showcasing and promoting some of the music world’s best known talent including Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, Shakira, Shola Ama, Brand New Heavies and Pussycat Dolls to name a few. Schooly has received many accolades and awards for his work and is one of the UK’s best-loved personalities, always in demand for events such as Southport Weekender, Vocal Booth Weekender and the Amsterdam Dance Event. His determination and dedication has really paid off as he hits the mark time and time again with every production. His ‘Future Divas’ EPs are becoming the stuff of legend as each package features incredibly good song-writing and vocal talent – major dance music producers worldwide want to be involved in every release. The late Frankie Knuckles remixed the monumental hit Hostile Takeover, and Schooly’s Midas touch has continued to result in chart success with Keep On Lovin Me, Mr Weather Man and My Baby.

Lizzie Nightingale is a Scottish singer-songwriter who comes from a musical family. She grew up in Glasgow listening to the Beatles, Bowie, Queen and Motown and is an accomplished clarinet player. She has had previous releases with ‘Sparkle’, ‘Left Right Left’, and ‘Tiny Tear Drops’.

The Tony Record Label is the brainchild of world renowned DJ and producer Tony Humphries and was established in 2005. With a reputation for releasing fresh, innovative soulful dance music, Tony Records is a name that is synonymous with quality.

Before The Night Is Over first featured on Tony Records ‘Miami Uncuts’ in April 2014, and is a track about the potential yet unspoken passion between two lovers. Lizzie masters the lyrics with the raw emotion of a woman yearning for love, her warm, rich, clean and controlled voice expressing her torment in way that rings true with the listener.

The package consists of 6 mixes including contributions from Ian Friday, Rightside and Redsoul as well as an Ian Friday instrumental version.

Schooly’s Original Mix features his hallmark gorgeous soulful keys and xylophone touches set to a captivating dance beat while his Quarter2Midnight Mix brings a laid back funky feel to proceedings.

Multitalented New Yorker Ian Friday provides the Libation Vox which will have the floor bouncing with its sexy latin samba vibe. Dave ‘Redsoul’ Wareing brings a deep hypnotic underground synth sensation to the mix and Italian duo Rightside add a pumping bassline groove and sumptuous keys which makes the song feel like a warm summer evening.

Soulful Session and Tony Records have released an incredibly appealing remix package here, carefully selecting producers who are able to bring differing flavours which showcase Lizzie’s unique vocal talent to the max, while still managing to please soulful house lovers everywhere, with their common warmth and flow that will resonate with every beating heart on the dance floor.

TR048 ‘Before The Night Is Over’ released on Tony Records 3 October 2014

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Send Me High – Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle

Sy Sez is a respected producer and DJ on the London dance music scene who has featured on the bill of countless London nightclubs including Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Turnmills, Herbal and Plan B. He is a regular at Soul Heaven and Simply Salacious nights, with a reputation for hard work and innovation that makes him one of the most in-demand DJ’s in the UK. He is a worldwide performer, having recently secured residencies at Ocean Beach in Ibiza (for Soul Heaven) and Groovefest in the Dominican Republic, and also features as a radio presenter on the acclaimed Soul and Dance music station Mi-Soul. On the production side, Sy Sez has worked with Fanatix (Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce), and produces with Gavin Peters under the name Aphrodisiax. Adding yet another aspect to his already impressive CV, Sy is the A&R manager for Defected’s Soul Heaven label.

The vocals for this track are provided by Leeds based singer-songwriter Phoenix Pearle, aka Sara Garvey. Sara has previously worked with Nightmares on Wax (George ‘E.A.S.E.’ Evelyn), and recently released the ‘Being You’ EP with Hungarian duo Gelka. The creative juices for ‘Send Me High’ first started flowing a few years back when Sy met Sara at Southport Weekender, and plans are in motion for further collaborations to build upon their unique studio chemistry.

Talented newcomer, Henry Wu provides the keyboards for this track, displaying his signature warm jazzy style with intuition and flair.

The R2 Record Label was established in 1999 and continues to release and showcase exciting new music in a variety of genres. Artists who have worked on this label include Osunlade, Louie Vega, Atjazz, Karizma, Ron Trent and Tortured Soul making it evident that R2 is a label which has built its reputation on quality.

Sara delivers the lyrics of Send Me High with a raw sensuality, which conveys the emotions of rapture and intoxication from new found love. Her seductive vocals draw the listener in to a zone of tranquility and pleasure which is both soothing and exhilarating.

This release package comprises 5 mixes including contributions from talented DJ and producer Karizma.

Sy Sez’s Original Mix is atmospheric, deep and sensual and will free your mind with its mid tempo jazz keys and chilled soulful vibe, while the dub mix provides more of a hypnotic warmth that will take you to the chillout zone and beyond.

Karizma always has a unique and refreshing take on proceedings, and this is no exception as his Hydro mix ups the energy with its funky, fast, afro-inspired, electro beat, with the Hydromental mix intensifying the groove further. The Sy and YoungHead demo vibe mix brings elements of a more traditional soulful house dance vibe which will have the crowd bouncing and wanting more.

Send Me High is not to be missed – a rich, deep, and skilfully crafted composition, and one of those rare gems which will grace the dancefloors and airwaves for years to come.

‘Send Me High’ released 13 October 2014

Why Do I – Beat Rivals, Flexie Muiso

Why Do I is the latest remix package from the Rival Beat label.

London based Beat Rivals are KrazyK and Soulshy, are a hard working production duo, currently releasing a variety of quality creative dance music productions. They have many years experience in the music industry, having refined their skills under the mentorship of Karl “TuffEnuff” Brown. With recent acclaimed releases including a mega remix package of ‘(Gotta Be) Free’ featuring Lifford, and ‘Reach Out’ featuring Tony Lindsay, the Beat Rivals are the name on everybody’s lips in the House music arena. Each release consists of a collaborative mix as well as at least one individual interpretation from each of them, and this original approach to their work results in a diverse palette of sounds which both contrast and complement each other. The friendly competition between them resulted in the name Beat Rivals, which neatly sums up their methodology.

Originally from Nigeria, Flexie Muiso has lived in the UK since the age of 9. In the 90’s his passion for music led him to be an MC on the garage club scene where he wowed the crowds, and he discovered his singing talent while studying for a degree in Popular Music Performance. A talented songwriter, he has performed and cowritten many dance tracks including the Drum and Bass number one hit ‘Your Love’ with Original Sin. He has supported Ne-Yo and Dbanj, and performed on stage with The Roots and Kool and the Gang. Flexie has also coached the cast of Made in Chelsea and he is a mentor for young people, helping them to find a positive outlet through music.

The lyrics of “Why Do I” are about the confusion and pain of a dysfunctional relationship, which Flexie delivers with a convincing heart wrenching passion as he takes on the role of a man in emotional turmoil.

This package consists of 6 mixes including a guest mix from Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown.

Beat Rivals Classic Groove mix is the collaborative mix with beautiful keys, enticing percussion, understated strings and a classic house beat. It has a very sweet and soulful vibe that will appeal to soulful house fans everywhere.

The Soulshy Vibe combines drum rolls and organ stabs with brass elements to bring yet another soulful dance flavour to the mix while the Krazy K Vibe is a traditional four to the floor beat with classy piano and a retro 80’s feel.

The Lose my Mind Dub has a techno edge while in contrast the Soulshy retouched Original is smooth, jazzy and soulful. Karl Brown’s Funky Sensation reconstruction brings yet another facet with its hypnotic broken beat flavour, highlighting smooth organ and captivating strings.

“Why Do I” from Rival Beat Records, available on 22 September 2014 exclusively from Traxsource, then available on 6 October 2014 from iTunes and all other good download stores.

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Love On The Line – Josh Emman, Nina Provencal

Love on the Line is the latest release from the studio of talented UK producer Josh Emman. Josh has a long pedigree in the music world, belonging to a family of performers and musicians. His father was a regular performer on the Midlands reggae scene in the 80’s and 90’s and his uncles are lovers of many genres including Soul, Disco, Jazz, Rare Groove, Motown, Two-Tone, 80’s Soul, Electro and Rave. Josh has performed as a DJ worldwide and has studied Music Technology and Sound Engineering at college. He made several guest appearances as a DJ/presenter on a national radio station and has since presented on various pirate radio stations. His impressive CV includes international gigs as well as a residency at Brixton’s Babalou, and playing sets at Turnmills, Ministry of Sound, Bournemouth’s Opera House, and The End.

Josh is a producer who doesn’t stand still, he believes that quality is achieved by constantly adapting and always aiming for the top. He strives for excellence and has produced a signature soulful sound which is the key to many of his productions.

Nina Provencal is a talented UK singer who grew up listening to the likes of George Benson and Anita Baker on the radio. She has a talent for writing real and gritty lyrics, not shying away from confrontational subjects. Her collaborations include Solution Soul, Jihad Muhammad and Deep City Central, and her raw emotive style and honey toned vocals have brought her to the attention of the music lovers everywhere.

Established in 2010, the Fused Records label is all about quality dance music, and ‘Love on the Line’ is their seventh release.

The lyrics of Love on the Line relate to a love relationship where one partner’s commitment is in doubt, and the feelings of uncertainty and insecurity are brought to the fore. Nina’s vocals draw the listener in with passion and emotion, her delivery effectively expressing the bittersweet sentiments of the song.

This notable package includes 6 mixes plus an instrumental.

Josh Emman’s original mix is a potential club classic with its lively House beat, luscious smooth keys and chilled vibe, a perfect backdrop for Nina’s impassioned vocals.

The Klevakeys remix features an intense beat with warm keys, and a deep sensibility while the Loftsoul remix has a gentle afro vibe, with rhythmic percussion that will have the listener moving from the start.

The Orton Geiger remix will please the electro lovers with its heavy bass, layered synth, and extra-terrestrial feel. Josh Grooves Club Mix is moody, with muted keys and a deep hypnotic ethereal vibe that will enchant the audience while the SA Solution Club Mix is another flavour of chilled out House featuring warm keys, woodwind and afro drum touches making it a dance floor winner.

The tracks on this release all have their individual subtleties that make them quite different, and yet the whole package is a beautifully constructed meeting of minds that treats the listener to seven quality pieces of music, soulful heartfelt lyrics, and a burning incentive to dance.

‘Love on the Line’ released 29 September 2014 on Traxsource

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Reelsoul – Mind Games 2 EP

Mind Games EP 2 cover

Released on 8 September 2014, the second Mind Games EP is another instrumental chill-out cognitive storyboard from talented US producer Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriquez. The vibe of the first EP was very much in the present and now the new release teleports us into the future, opening our minds to new possibilities that we had never dreamed of before. It is almost an exercise in meditation, inviting the listener to empty their mind and go where the music takes them, then at the end of the journey to return relaxed and refreshed and inspired to move forward with life. This isn’t just an EP – it’s a musical day-spa.

My journey began quite fittingly with ‘Departure’ where I found myself letting go of my everyday thoughts to make room for new discoveries, preparing to enjoy the ride, somewhat comfortable in the knowledge that I didn’t know what lay ahead of me.

Next came ‘Zero Gravity’ where I felt that I was on my way, suspended and floating outside of the world, detached from the hubbub of life and completely relaxed in my thoughts as the gentle keys and strings carried me on to my destination.

The rhythmic percussion of ‘In The City’ started my body swaying and moving, the music swathed me in feelings of well-being and happiness, as I absorbed the sophistication and warmth around me.

Then with ‘Metropolis’ my journey stepped up a few gears as I drifted faster and faster through the sights and sounds of a whole new world, the beat resonating through to the very core of my body.

With its ebbing and flowing and mesmerising dance beat ‘WTF?’ found my body dancing to the vibe, new beats with a hint of old classics. I was transported to a club of tomorrow, an enigmatic blend of new and familiar, with a unique energy, an intelligently crafted recipe that felt just right.

The Digital Age’ brought rhythmic robotic beats and keys to mind, reminiscent of a hypnotic production line where everything moves in metronomic unison. I became deeply absorbed in this intoxicating dance and then all too soon I was back in the room – back home to reality, but with a new clarity of mind.

The tracks in this EP have an enchanting energy and flow to them. This exercise in musical therapy took me outside of my usual boundaries of thought and into a promising and encouraging future, it made me dance, and freed my mind.

Reelsoul has welcomed us all to the new school, achieving a futuristic vibe without sounding too quirky or bizarre. There is still his underpinning warmth and essence, an overall feelgood vibe, a few echoes of the 70’s and 80’s, a sprinkle of the familiar Reelsoul bounce, but also a pathway to new discoveries where anything is possible and the palette of sounds is limitless.

Mind Games 2 EP – Reelsoul available at

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