(Gotta Be) Free – Beat Rivals ft Lifford (ULTIMATE REMIX PACKAGE)

Gotta Be Free

The 2TUF4U label was created in 2002 by Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown following his “Tuff Jam” days with Matt Jam Lamont. Acclaimed DJ and production duo Karl and Matt were pioneers on the UK garage scene in the 1990’s and also presented a show on London’s Kiss FM.

(Gotta Be) Free was originally released on the 2TUF4U label in September 2012, with a follow up second package in October 2013. This exclusive 2014 mammoth compilation of 40 mixes has been especially compiled for the debut of the 2TUF4U label on Traxsource, and it comprises of the best of the original two packages along with an impressive stack of brand new remixes, available exclusively for the first time.

The track is the brainchild of London production duo Beat Rivals, coupled with the rich vocals of accomplished singer Lifford Shillingford. Beat Rivals – KrazyK and Soulshy – have been producing music together for two decades and have developed their skills with the assistance and mentorship of Karl Brown . The Beat Rivals trademark production packages always include an individual mix from each Beat Rival combined with at least one joint mix, resulting in a selection of sounds which complement each other while reflecting the individual styles of each producer.

Lifford is most famous for featuring on Artful Dodger’s “It’s all about the Stragglers” album in 2000, as the vocalist on two tracks – “Something” and the top ten hit “Please Don’t Turn Me On”. Lifford is currently working on a solo album which reflects on his personal experiences, and he continues to perform and write quality music in a variety of genres. He has also featured on a second Beat Rivals track “If I Could” which was released in April 2014.

(Gotta Be) Free is an upbeat dance track with a dynamic beat and soulful keys. The lyrics convey a positive and philosophical message about doing your own thing in life and not allowing yourself to be manipulated or pushed around by others. Lifford delivers this message convincingly with his melodic, honey-toned, soulful vocals.

The current re-release package of 40 mixes spoils us all for choice and includes contributions from established leading producers such as Booker T, Mike Sharon and Japan’s Carpainter.

Lovers of techno and electronica will enjoy the varied synth sounds of the CJ Reign Broken Dub, Ayklogic and Call Me Jack remixes, with Brighton boy – One Dark Martian, and Prescribe Da Vibe providing exquisite broken beat versions.

The Deep Dub mix has a heavy swinging beat reminiscent of dub reggae, while the unique Benbo Bass mix has a big busy sound which will rouse the dance crowd.

Deep and luscious offerings include Undertone’s Stuck in the Groove mix, DJ Nav’s underground mix and Middle-East based impresario – Mike Sharon’s divine mesmerising vibe.

For the soulful faithful, Live Groove’s mix brings a soulful jazzy edge, while the gorgeous Carpainter Remix is a skilled jazzy take with soft organ stabs, and CJ Reign’s Classique Vocal mix is an uplifting soulful groove. London based ace – Booker T’s skills shine through with his Vocal Reconstruction refix and its great positive club vibe.

GE’s Not Havin It dub has a hypnotic dance beat that will take you to the zone, while Sweeter Groove’s remix has the makings of a dance anthem with its classic vocal and stomping house beat. Manchester maestro Danny Phillips brings an energetic, crowd pleasing blend with woodwind touches while the Broken Species afro groove touches the other end of the spectrum with its sexy afro-salsa beat and maracas. Hewitt & Brown treat us to even more afro rhythms with their Raw Filter mix.

Everybody will have a favourite in this package, and some will find it hard to pick one clear winner. It just goes to show how many uplifting and melodious flavours can be created from one good quality track, and (Gotta Be) Free certainly proves that there are many facets of this song to explore that will appeal to lovers of Soulful House music right across the globe.

(Gotta Be) Free – the Ultimate Remix Package from 2TUF4U, available exclusively from Traxsource on 11 August 2014.

Click Here to visit Traxsource

Track List:

01. Original Mix

02. Live Groove Mix

03. Sweeter Groove’s All Free Mix

04. One Dark Martian Mix

05. Undertone’s Stuck In The Groove Mix

06. DJ Nav Underground Dub Mix

07. DJ Nav DC 2 London Dub Mix

08. Original Instrumental Mix

09. Live Groove 7″ Instrumental

10. Carpainter Remix

11. CJ Reign Broken Dub Mix

12. CJ Reign Classique Vocal Mix

13. Danny Phillips Liberated Mix – DIY Re-editized

14. Danny Phillips Liberated Mix – DIY Re-editized Instrumental

15. Danny Phillips Liberated Remix

16. Danny Phillips Liberated Remix Instrumental

17. DJ Nav’s Metro Beat Mix

18. DJ Nav’s DC 2 London Dub Instrumental

19. Booker T Reconstruction Instrumental

20. Krazy Club House Mix

21. One Dark Martian Broken Beat Instrumental

22. Prescribe Da Vibe Remix

23. Prescribe Da Vibe Instrumental

24. Static’s Ruff Dub

25. Sweeter Grooves Chorded Mix

26. Sweeter Grooves Chorded Instrumental

27. They Call Me Jack’s Another House Mix

28. Undertone’s Carmine Street Edit

29. UVM’s Switch Dub

30. Mike Sharon Mix

31. Beat Rivals Deep Dub (remastered by Toni Economides)

32. Booker T Vocal Reconstruction Mix

33. GE’s Not Havin It Dub Mix

34. UVM’s Deep Freeze Dub

35. Benbo Bass Mix

36. Beat Rivals Re-Structured Dub

37. Broken Species Afro Groove Mix

38. Hewitt & Brown Raw Filter Mix

39. Ayklogic Dub

40. Original (Re-mastered by Toni Economides)


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