Beat Rivals ft Natasha Watts – Fabulous


London based production duo – Beat Rivals is the brainchild of KrazyK and Soulshy. The team have a novel approach to music production, each package comprises of at least three mixes – a mix from each of them that reflects their own unique style, and also a combined mix which complements and contrasts with the others, hence the name Beat Rivals. The boys have more than twenty years experience in DJing and production and are well respected in the London dance music arena.

Natasha Watts, winner of last year’s Soul Survivor award for best new soul artist, has recently released her much acclaimed debut album. The Basingstoke babe has collaborated with Cool Million, Richard Earnshaw, Circle of Funk, Groove Addix, Jamie Lewis, Mark di Meo, and Lifford to name a few, and she is a talented songwriter who is constantly in demand. Natasha’s music covers a variety of genres, making her one of the most versatile performers in the business.

Natasha delivers the lyrics of “Fabulous” with maturity and control, her vocals a perfect fit to express the sentiments of the track. The Beat Rivals spoil us with their skilfully composed blends, each production delighting the audience with a slick new vibe.

The package consists of 5 mixes including a guest mix from Broken Species. All five tracks will certainly provide for every scene on the dance floor, each of them having their own variation around the central theme.

The Live Groove mix is the Beat Rivals collaborative mix and is the pick of the bunch with its warm bouncing House beats, Jazz organ, and sexy Latin style percussion touches. Soulshy’s remix has a lovely piano theme, with brass backing and a jazzy feel that will have the dancers twirling, where Krazy K’s mix is one for the stompers with its heavier beat, well-placed organ stabs, and a Funky House vibe.

The Broken Species mix provides a big pacy sound with broken beats and a bold percussion, whilstthe Up tempo mix is lively with a soulful synth inspired backdrop and a pumping beat.

Fabulous is a track that will be the soundtrack to summer for many listeners, a great selection of flavours, on-point production, velvet vocals – a certain dance anthem of 2014.

“Fabulous” from Rival Beat Records, available on 14 July 2014 exclusively from Traxsource, then available on 21 July 2014 from iTunes and all other good download stores.

Click this link to preview on iTunes


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