Circle of Funk – Walking in Circles EP

walking in circles

Walking in Circles is the latest EP release from Bristol production quartet Circle of Funk, and the seventeenth release on the Slapped Up Soul label.

Circle of Funk began producing music in 2010 with a remix of Mandy Senior’s “Games”, and have entertained us ever since with a wealth of genres and styles, some instrumental, and some collaborative, featuring respected artists such as Lifford Shillingford, Mr V, Robert Owens, Natasha Watts, and more recently introducing talented London singer Charlene Samms.

Yet again the boys have produced an EP which is not only unique and contemporary but somehow comfortingly familiar in its evocative quality. Never formulaic in their approach, Circle of Funk certainly had their artistic synapses firing with this production, drawing on their palette of inspiration to create something very versatile for the dance music community.

Both tracks are a spot-on selection of stylish percussion sounds, smooth keys and edgy vocal samples fused with the familiar warmth of a funky vibe.

The first composition Gladys Mayhem has an intense deepness and an atmospheric, dream-like feel which would be just as fitting on a dramatic film soundtrack as on the club dance floor. Sitting With Stan is a lively and heart-warming creation, that will quickly have you moving your feet to the beat with its up tempo keys and feel-good atmosphere.

For an artist to convey emotion without lyrics is a real achievement, and Circle of Funk have effortlessly achieved this by producing two engaging, expressive, and multi-faceted tracks. Walking in Circles – pure joy for the feet and the senses, goes to show why Circle of Funk are fast becoming one of the UK’s most respected production teams.

SUS017 Walking In Circles EP – Circle of Funk

Released on Slapped Up Soul – 21 July 2014 (available now on Promo)

Click this link to preview Walking In Circles on Traxsource


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