Eric Roberson – B-sides, Features and Heartaches

Eric Roberson – B-Sides, Features & Heartaches


Eric Roberson, sometimes known as Erro comes from New Jersey, USA and is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer.  A Howard University graduate in the field of Music Theatre, he has been active on the R&B music scene since the 1990’s, releasing his first single ‘The Moon’ in 1994, and has subsequently released several albums, having had most success with Mr Nice Guy in 2011. Eric has worked with prominent artists including Jill Scott, Dwele, Carl Thomas, Osunlade, DJ Spinna and DJ Jazzy Jeff to name a few, and has written songs and provided backing vocals for many others. Eric established his own label Blue Erro Soul in 2001 and has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category for the songs ‘A Tale of Two’ and ‘Still’. He regularly performs live, where he chats and builds a great rapport with his audience in between songs with his entertaining interludes. He is appreciated by many fans worldwide and is one of the most respected independent artists in the music industry.


B-Sides, Features & Heartaches is an album of previously unreleased material, hidden gems that should have appeared on previous albums, but somehow did not make the cut. This just goes to show how prolific Eric is with so much incredibly good material in reserve. Where many artists may struggle to find enough good quality tracks to fill an album, Eric has an abundance to choose from and each album track selection must pose a real dilemma for him.


‘Let Me Know’ opens the album and is a soulful groove featuring Angela Johnson, The track has a 70’s feel and takes you back to the day, a little reminiscent of funky vibe of the era.

‘Postcards from the Edge’ is an atmospheric hip hop track featuring Washington singer and poet Wes Felton, and is about the life of a travelling artist missing the comforts of home and family life. This track is definitely one of the focal points of the album and will have widespread appeal.

Another pick of the album is ‘Butterfly Girl’ a smooth, inspirational collaboration with DJ Spinna (known for his House and Hip-hop production skills). Eric’s vocal talents shine through in this track which will have you tapping along to the beat, with keyboard and percussion nuances really adding interesting touches to the production.

‘Touch’ features the dreamy vocals and harmonies of South Carolina songstress Collette, as well as the talents of jazz flautist Monet, and is a slow soulful groove for the lovers.

‘Anymore’ is a Hip-hop/Soul fusion track about a couple who have lost the way in their relationship and is a heartfelt lamentation of lost passion.

Far Away Girl features the velvet vocals of Maryland singer/songwriter Aaron Camper , with a gentle guitar melody and is another soulful love song.

‘Fantasy’ is a slow, Nu-soul lovers groove with a broken beat which really showcases Eric’s vocal talents to the max.

‘She was Fly’ features the production talents of Netherlands producers Full Crate and Mar and features interesting percussion with rippling keys, the dream-like ambience making this another album speciality.

‘This could be the Night’ is a collaboration with Detroit musician and producer Zo! (Lorenzo Ferguson) and is an infectious smooth tune which will get you moving along with the beat.

‘Deja-Vous’ featuring innovative French afro duo Les Nubians is quite different from the rest of the tracks on the album. The vocals are a mix of French and English and the track combines a range of genres – Jazz, Nu soul, Afro, Funk and Samba making it quite unique.

‘Be a Humanitarian’ is a motivational track (which could easily be a ‘Live Aid’ anthem) about making a difference in the world with kindness to others and features vocals from Angela Johnson, Gordon Chambers and Kelli Sae amongst others.

‘Games’ is a dance track from Japanese producer M-Swift (Shouhei Matsushita), with Eric’s velvet vocals providing a silky backdrop to the bouncy disco bassline.

‘Fortune Teller’ comes from Atlanta producer DJ Kemit, the percussion giving it a deep Latin Afro feel with a broken beat .


B-Sides, Features & Heartaches is a vibrant mixture of songs covering a range of styles and moods. Every track exudes quality which is not surprising considering the combination of respected performers that have contributed to this production. The continuation of his impressive performances and compositions confirms what a hugely talented performer Eric Roberson is.

B-Sides, Features & Heartaches is out now on Blue Erro Records

By Eric Roberson  @IAmEricRoberson




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