Dwongo House ft Alix – Talk to Me

Talk To Me

Dwongo House producer –  DJ Dougie Dee hails from South London, and he has achieved his dream job by working full time in the music business as both a sound engineer and producer. His love of music stemmed from watching Top of the Pops as a youngster and listening to the reggae music that his mum played, as well as being introduced to imported US hip hop tapes by a neighbour. Dougie composed the music for his school play aged 9, learned to play drums at the age of 11, and started producing tracks at the age of 14. He would cannily test the waters by playing the tracks anonymously to his friends to gauge their reactions, and later in life he taught himself to play keyboards.

In the late 90’s Council Records signed Dougie, having heard his jungle/drum and bass productions and this was a turning point for him. Dougie’s preferred genres have always been old school jungle, drum and bass and house music although he does enjoy rap, reggae, rock and soul.

Dougie and Dwongo House partner Lenny Hooper were childhood friends who reunited as a duo in recent years. Lenny wanted to start up as a DJ and Dougie helped, encouraged and supported him. As a team, Dougie specialises in composition and production while Lenny demonstrates his skills as a DJ (DJ Lennessy) on radio.

The Dwongo House label (originally called the House of Dwongo) has featured releases from Kasia, MC Creed, Alix, and Dyana Divas amongst others. The label has been supported by many top DJs including Sy Sez and DJ Pioneer. Dwongo House music has also featured at worldwide events including the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Talk to Me is a track where the inspiration came organically to Dougie.  Singer and talented songwriter Alix caught Dougie’s attention via a friend of the family.  He arranged to meet her and knew instantly that her voice would suit the vibe of the track .

Talk To Me, on the Sandisco label, is an effervescent house vibe that will have you moving from the opening bars. The infectious pulsating beat, catchy piano riff, and Alix’s accomplished soulful vocals make this track a surefire club favourite.

The Talk to Me package also includes 3 remixes, the Deeper Underground mix has an atmospheric deep afro house vibe, the D-Dyer mix has a deep and funky garage inspired feel, while the UK funky mix has funky piano stabs with a bright snare groove. This makes for a package of 4 quality tracks that has something to suit every taste and

Constantly inspired as they go from strength to strength, Dougie and Lenny have a lot more music up their sleeves for the Dwongo House label, and they hope to grow and evolve into a worldwide force in the dance music arena.

For more info see the Sandisco Recordings website



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