Your Love is Liquid – AudioJazz ft Christina Tamayo

Your Love Is Liquid

The Audiojazz label and production group is the brainchild of talented musicians Dirty Turk, K Koltz and DJ Bai-ee. With connections in New York, Oakland and Chicago, the trio create an interesting and diverse blend of jazz, acid and house with an ethereal deepness inspired by their experiences of the New York and Chicago music scenes.

The music and lyrics for Your Love is Liquid were composed by Dirty Turk who also played all of the instruments, with K Koltz and DJ Bai-ee responsible for engineering and mastering the original and the Audiojazz remix. The composition features the haunting vocals of Chicago vocalist Christina Tamayo, who has featured on Submorphics ‘Don’t Remind Me’. Her vocals are clean yet sultry, bringing real emotion and character to each track that she performs.

Your Love is Liquid has a real late-night atmospheric groove to it, and the original mix has a nu-jazz/chillout vibe with a strongly addictive bass line, raindrop keys and varied percussion that will captivate you from start to finish. The remix from New Jersey talent Alexandra Hampton is upbeat with more of a traditional house backbeat that will inspire you to dance while still retaining the ethereal quality.

The Audiojazz remix is deeper and heavier than the original with more of an electronic edge to it that really takes you on a journey deep into your imagination, while the Research Come Undone mix from Chicago producer Donald Clark brings a definite underground tech vibe to the suite.

The original mix is the pick of the bunch, I only wish there was a longer version because it hooks you in and then finishes all too soon. Originally only available on vinyl, the rich and diverse ‘Your Love Is Liquid’ package is now available from Traxsource as a digital promo, an essential purchase for jazzy chill-out dance lovers everywhere.

Your Love is Liquid – Audiojazz ft Christina Tamayo  (AJZ007 audioJazz Music Digital)

Includes remixes by Alexandra Hampton and Re;search.

Your Love is Liquid – AuidoJazz – Traxsource preview


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