Velvet Vol 2 – Manuel Contreras

velvet vol 2

Review of album – Velvet, Vol 2 – Manuel Contreras

Manuel Contreras is a producer and musician who was born in Mexico. At the age of 15 he played guitar in a rock band. When the band broke up, Manuel experimented with electronic music while experiencing  the rave scene of Toluca and he teamed up with vocalist Gabriela Diaz to create some of his first productions. He created jingles for TV, and in 2004 he moved to Madrid where he worked and collaborated on some electronic arts projects.

After a long break  he returned to the music scene recently  and has produced tracks for the Molacacho label since.
Velvet, Vol 2 is a compilation of 12 soulful and tech house tracks.

‘Facebad’ with its pulsating bassline and ‘Palasaka’ with a more minimal feel are the tech house contributions to the mix. ‘Get the Funk’ is more of a traditional style up-tempo house beat that will have the dance floor jacking. The rest of the tracks on the album fit the soulful house sub genre.

The opening track ‘Zen Beat’ is a deep soulful dance vibe with a hint of funk, and nicely placed flute sounds giving it an 80’s feel while ‘A House Prayer’ is remixed by Freddie Gonzalez and has more of a traditional house beat with evangelically orated vocals.

For sax lovers ‘Feel My Sax’ is a jazzy style of house with a sweet sax vibe weaved through, and ‘Sax Fresh’ is a lively carnival inspired track.

Deeper tracks include the intense, reverberating  ‘Future’, the breathy vocal cut ‘Hotel Durum’, and the pick of the album ‘My Soul Vision’ with its deep echoes, bouncy bassline and vocal ripples.

Velvet, Vol 2 is a nice combination of tracks which will definitely appeal to deep househeads,  but has enough diversity to captivate a much wider audience.

Velvet Vol 2 – Traxsource link


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