DaPaul – Soulful Spirit – album review

dapaul soulful spirit

DaPaul is a talented singer and songwriter from London. He began singing in church as a young man and his influences include gospel, soul, jazz and blues. Working as a session musician and backing vocalist he has worked with names such as Eternal, Alexander O’Neal and Gabrielle and has appeared on worldwide TV promos including The World Music Awards and the Montreaux Jazz Festival.


’Soulful Spirit’ is DaPaul’s debut album and includes the single ‘My Gift’ which was released in 2012.

All of the tracks on the album are skilfully crafted, and DaPaul connects with each song in a very emotive way which lets the listener know how intensely personal and meaningful each song is to him. His voice is both soothing and passionate, and each song takes you on a thought-provoking journey through the story of the lyrics.

Most of the songs are inspired by love in one form or another. ‘Fairtrade’ is a song about equality, and Red Blood Streets’ is a hopeful upbeat jazz funk vibe concerned with overcoming violence. The mellow grooves ‘Love’s Like’ and ‘Kumbaya’, and also the jazzy ‘Soulful Spirit’ are inspirational gospel tracks. The pick of the album is the spiritual composition ‘My Gift’, with its uplifting lyrics and laid back soul vibe. Each track has been carefully composed with attention paid to every aspect whether it be the gentle keys, the soft brass or a jazzy guitar riff, and DaPaul’s soulful accomplished vocals will make you feel every lyric with him.

This album will make you reflect on life, but will also soothe and inspire, with its hopeful, peaceful soul vibe. A very impressive debut album from a talented man who we will no doubt be hearing a lot more of.

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