Double Trouble – Circle of Funk, Lifford, Natasha Watts


This is a collaboration made in heaven – Circle of Funk featuring Lifford and Natasha Watts. Circle of Funk have worked with Lifford on three tracks: In Love, Give it to Me and the perpetual crowd-pleaser Feelin’ It.  The Bristol boys have also worked with Natasha on Be Gone and Soulstream. This is the first time that all three have collaborated and it makes for an impressive combination of talents.

This is one of those tracks that will have the listener up and dancing at the start, its infectious almost ‘nu-bossa nova’ bouncy bassline has that immediate effect.  Lifford’s unmistakeable honey-toned vocals drift in like an ocean wave, and coupled with Natasha’s expressive delivery, they connect to create an exceptional duet.

The skilfully constructed strings, keys and percussion, and the well-placed bass drops combine to add value to the sexy dance vibe along the way.

It is a song that takes you on a journey through the relationship ups and downs of Lifford and Natasha, the heavenly soulful vocals are perfect, the amusing spoken interlude shows off  Lifford’s and Natasha’s characters, and the whole blend has the audience hooked from start to finish.

This song will have wide appeal and is a sure-fire chart topper. Watch out for Double Trouble – one of the best tracks of 2013.

Out on promo 16 Dec 2013 the promo package provides a quality remix and dub from Wipe The Needle.


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