Hostile Takeover – Soulful Session, Lynn Lockamy

Hostile Takeover

Wow what a tune – this is going to be one of the most memorable tracks of 2013. Lynn Lockamy already had a huge soulful house hit with Rhemi’s Warning in July, and now she has teamed up with Soulful Session aka Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips on Hostile Takeover.

This is a song about having your heart stolen by somebody who gets right under your skin, then manipulates you and throws you away like you never existed. When Lynn sings “I feel all alone” she really conveys the despondency of somebody in that situation and it is a rare songstress who can draw you into a song on that level.

There are quite a few mixes to choose from. I like the classic keyboards and splash cymbals on the Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper (Director’s Cut) remix.

The Tony Humphries and Junior White is more of a classic house mix.

The DJ Spen and N’Dinga Gaba mix is a mixture of classic house with a slight afro feel to it and a deeper vibe.

The Kenny Carpenter Big Apple Mix has sexy latin drums, piano,  and a gospel touch.

The David ‘Unharness Yoself’ NY/SF Dub Mix is funkier and heavier with a stomping house beat.

The Soulful Session Radio Edit has a broken drum beat, big piano sound and a soulful vibe.


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