Your Underground – Soul de Marin

Your Underground

Deep, moody, hypnotic and intense this track has an undulating bass line that keeps you mesmerised all the way through. From the beginning you will be swaying your hips and nodding your head to the deep, captivating, beats and rhythms.

Dutch producer Soul de Marin is from Rotterdam and has been around on the music scene for 17 years. His intelligent use of keys and percussion makes ‘Your Underground’ a real atmospheric, late-night house groove that will be played in the clubs for many years to come.

I caught up with Soul de Marin aka Marijn de Lange and asked him a few questions about his life:

1. Do you work on your music full-time as a producer and DJ or do you have another job that pays the bills?

A few years ago I was able to work full time in the music industry. I won a big DJ contest in 1999 (the Dutch SL1999 Mixing Championship) and during the 3 years after that I earned my money with gigs, having  four gigs almost every weekend. Times changed and I made a few bad choices, so now I make music  on a semi professional basis.  I DJ twice a month and produce music when I feel inspired.  As a day job I work at the The Hague City Hall as manager Vitality and Health. I am a lifestyle coach,  personal trainer and nutrition coach and help the officials with their health and personal goals.

2. Describe your music studio – small and chaotic, or large, tidy and serene ?

My studio is 4.20 by 3 meters. I try to keep it as clean as possible. It’s well isolated, I use two keyboards, two screens, 4 monitor speakers. I have a window in the studio too to provide some natural air-conditioning.

3. Your Underground is certainly a quality deep track – I love the bassline. How does your creative process work? Do your ideas slowly build up over time or do you sit down and put a track together in a day?

I just start a track and decide which genre I want to produce. The process starts with the beats, after that the melody or musical riff. I listen to the melody and my brain starts to create a bassline. For me a bassline and beats are the most important parts of my tracks. When a bassline isn’t good I don’t buy or play that track. I create most tracks in 4 hours, because I need to be in a vibe and finish that track in that same vibe.  Every day can be so different – new day, new vibes.

4. When you are not working on music, what do you do to relax?

Yoga, working out, chilling on the couch and reading about food, and all gifts from mother nature. I am a bit of a health freak and this is where my interest lays.

5. Are you a good dancer? Or more of a foot-tapper?

I am an average dancer now, but I know I can dance. The fact is I don’t put lots of effort in it. Breakdancing looks pretty cool to be honest. Maybe it’s something for the future. You never know.

6. What is your favourite music event in the world ?

Hard question as music events are not something that really interests me too much. I go to the Dutch North Sea Jazz Festival and I had a great time at Andy Ward’s VOCAL BOOTH WEEKENDER.

7. If money was no object, where would you live?

In the past money was important to me, but not any more.  I adore a primitive lifestyle. My wife is from Croatia and I want to move to Croatia. I realize that when I move there I will have less money and material things. But I will have less stress, better health, nature, sun, sea, great food and my family. What more do we need in life? I don’t want to work until I am 67, I hope to have the choice of quitting at the age of 45. That is a goal I am working towards.

Thank you Marijn for an honest and refreshing interview.

YOUR UNDERGROUND – released 30 September 2013 on Sandisco Recordings

Click here for more information on Sandisco Recordings



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