I saw Disturbed at the Burswood Dome in Perth in 2011, with Trivium as support, and I thought that they were really good live. The whole show was very polished, and Dave Dramain really got the crowd engaged with his showmanship.

The band come from Chicago and consist of Dave Dramain – vocalist, famed for his guttural noises (which reminds me a bit of the Exorcist) on songs like Down with the Sickness; Dan Donegan on guitar; John Moyer on bass; Mike Wengren on drums.

Dave Dramain

They are most famous for Down with the Sickness, an angry ranting song from an abused child to his mother, which was really groundbreaking in terms of lyrical content. This song contains some of the guttural noises “A- wa-a-a-ah”,  and I really like it. I find that metal bands where the vocalist just growls throughout hard to digest and a bit of assault on the ears, but Dave adds just enough growl to make it interesting and he really has a melodic rock voice which makes his vocals very different from other bands. The rant at the end of the song is quite powerful.


Another Disturbed song which I love is Stupify, I love listening to this song when I am angry. It has not always been clear what the song is about, as quite often the lyrics are cryptic, but some have suggested racism and struggles against society.

The Game is another classic, I guess about a relationship with a manipulative girl.

The band first came to prominence in 1998 after starting out under the name ‘Brawl’. Their first album The Sickness got to number 29 on the Billboard top 100, and the band supported Marilyn Manson on tour in 2001. Since then they have gone on to produce quality albums such as Believe, Ten Thousand Fists and Indestructible. In 2011 the band had a bit of a break and are yet to regroup, each member being involved in different projects. They plan to get back together at some point, but nobody knows when this will be.

Disturbed are a clever band, creating unique songs about diverse subjects, with a very talented unique frontman – I think their music will be around for many years to come.


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