Goldie – what an inspiration this man is – is there anything he can’t do ?

He pretty much invented Drum and Bass, he is an accomplished actor, and a very talented artist.

He was born Clifford Price and is known as Goldie not because of his gold teeth, but because of his golden dreadlocks that he used to wear. He was brought up in foster care and made his name as a young break dancer and graffiti artist in the Midlands.

When he released his first album in 1995 – “Timeless” featuring Diane Charlemagne on the title track, the album succeeded in introducing the drum and bass genre to the masses. The album was a huge success, and really is ‘timeless’ because the tracks sound as good today as they did in the 90’s. It really is a classic. Goldie also has his own record label called Metalheadz.

Goldie has acted in various films including Snatch (one of my favourite movies), The World is Not Enough (crikey he’s even been in a Bond movie), and Everybody Loves Sunshine.

He has also exhibited his own artwork – I love his contemporary unique style. In his younger days he was a very prolific graffiti artist, and I have read somewhere that it was his art teacher who gave him the support to make something of his life.

Artwork by Goldie

Artwork by Goldie

Goldie’s first major album release, Timeless, wasn’t just a collection of songs that he put together on an album, it was more a musical work of art, groundbreaking and complex. Ethereal, orchestral in places, with deep basslines and lots of new arrangement ideas which had not been seen before. There are two tracks on this album which I love to bits – “Angel” and “Timeless”. “Timeless” is quite a long track and the best part of it is Diane Charlemagne singing “Inner City Life” which is available to buy as a subset of the track.

I like Angel because it makes me feel good inside, it’s a really hopeful track – Angel of my soul, stay with me, don’t let go, then as the song goes on it becomes quite dark and crunchy before pulling you back to the light before the end.

I like Inner City Life/Timeless because of the emotion that Diane puts into the vocals, and I really love the whole orchestral feel of the full version of the track – it takes place in a series of connected movements.

After Timeless, he then went on to make “Ring of Saturn”, “Saturnz Return” and “Sine Tempus”, and more recently he has made a ‘best of’ album called “The Alchemist”.

It also seems that he has fought a lot of demons in his life, but recently found stability with his lovely wife Mika and his passion for Bikram yoga which calms him down. His previous relationships have been quite openly documented – it can’t be easy to live a regular life in the glare of publicity.

He really is a modern day genius, how many people get to pretty much invent a music genre, and then have a presence in all the forms of arts – dance, painting, acting, writing and music ?

Goldie is still heavily involved in the music scene, regularly featuring at Fabric in London as well as other worldwide venues, usually with MC LowQui.

I wonder what form his next reinvention will take ? I’m sure it won’t be boring.


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