Raw Siqnal

South African artists are producing some of the best house music at the moment and Raw Siqnal is no exception with his latest release ‘Come on Baby’ on Sandisco recordings.

Raw Siqnal - Come On Baby

Raw Siqnal – Come On Baby

Raw has a lot to offer as an up and coming producer, and with his latest release Come on Baby he gives us a deep hypnotic track with an African vibe that you can equally dance to or chill to. He comes from Daveyton, a township just outside of Johannesburg, and Raw’s many rich cultural influences are reflected in his music.

He took time out to answer a few of my questions:

Q. Do you still live in South Africa ?

A. Yes I still live in South Africa, I don’t think I am going to relocate any time soon hey, especially now that Ralf GUM has moved this side.

(For those of you who aren’t aware – Ralf GUM has recently emigrated from Germany to South Africa).

Q. What languages can you speak ?

A. I can speak English, Zulu and Sepedi, which is really not a lot considering that we have 11 official languages in South Africa. But I’m trying to learn Afrikaans now.

(Wow – most of us can only speak one language fluently – language is another cultural aspect which influences the variety of music in the world).

Q. Are you a vinyl junkie or a digital boy ?

A. I guess I’ll have to say that I am a digital boy , even though some of the technology might have its disadvantages. I really like technology – it’s cutting edge.

Q. Are you a good dancer ?

A. Hahaha I can’t dance at all but I’m really good at tapping my feet though -I can do that all night long. It’s really funny though because most of my DJ friends also can’t dance,  so I never feel left out when everyone is dancing.

(I know the feeling – I’m not a great dancer myself, but I do try if I have a little alcohol inside me).

Q. What musical instruments do you play ?

A. I actually can’t play any instruments but I do know the basics and I do practice the piano once in while when I do get a chance. It would be really great if I could master playing the piano though, because sometimes when I’m working on some of my production I feel like adding a nice solo to the tunes. I think will get to that level eventually, I just need to practice more frequently.

Q. Have you ever been to London ?

A. No I’ve never been to London before, but I would really love to visit, and there are a few UK based producers that I would really love to work with.
London promoters please book me so that I can visit this beautiful City (I’m actually still very cheap hahaha).

(Yes London promoters – snap this guy up – he won’t be cheap for long !!).

Q. If money were no object, where in the world would you travel to ?

A. Does the Moon count? Seriously though, there are a lot of places that I would love to visit but if I were to choose one, I would have to say Germany. I don’t really know why though, it might have something to do with their cars or their Deep House Sound.

(Maybe do a house swap with Ralf GUM’s family for a while…just a thought ?)

Q. How do you put a track together, is it spontaneous or does it tend to be planned in advance ?

A. I think that process for me is different for most of my songs, sometimes I just lay down a simple drum pattern and browse for some unique sounds that might inspire me – anything from Rhodes, Pads, Bass or Synth Sounds, and other times I will spend a lot of hours working on just a drum pattern till I get it right or maybe just browse my sound library to find a sound I like, then I’ll play around with it, without any kick or percussion on the sequencer until I come with up something nice.

Q. What gets you in the zone for making music ?

A. Wow hmm… I try to listen to other genres of music, I find that kinda helps rather than just listening to only House Music. Sometimes I would just load any drum loop and start adding different elements to it just for fun without analysing too much. I normally don’t save the file afterwards; its almost like a warm-up before a studio session. That really gets my creative juices flowing.

So that concludes the interview – thank you very much Raw for taking time out to chat to me. Wishing him the very best with Come On Baby which is currently working its way up the Traxsource charts.

If you want to know more, there’s another interview on the Sandisco artists page – click here.

raw siqnal


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