In Love – Circle of Funk ft Lifford

This is a brand new song by Circle of Funk and Lifford. It gets released next Monday 10th June 2013 on the Slapped Up Soul label SUS011.

In Love artwork

Circle of Funk are definitely in my favourites list – they keep producing tunes that I simply love. I will post an artist review later in this blog – I have a lot to say about this group of talented guys.

There are lots of mixes of this song – they all sound different, and they are all good. Usually when I am presented with a song with multiple mixes, I like just one or two of them, but all of the three main mixes are really good and have their own unique slant on the song, and to begin with I couldn’t decide which one I liked best – it kept changing, which to me indicates that there is no inferior version of this song – they are all excellent. There’s the deep vibe of the original mix, the slightly jazzy vibe of the CoF soulful mix, and the more classic house dance vibe of Flex’s mix. Then there’s Lifford’s smooth soulful vocals which add magic to the whole package.

It is a song you can chill to, dance to, run to, (I have done all three), it fits any occasion, and although it is mainly a house track it is subtly different from regular house music, so grabs your attention with its unique arrangements. This song has topped the Pressureradio Soulful House Chart for the past two weeks.

I am officially in love with IN  LOVE – one of the best tunes of 2013.

Here is the official review:

IN LOVE is the latest track from Lifford and UK House producers Circle of Funk – the music that these guys produce just gets better and better with every release. This track will carry you away to the heady, distracted heights of being In Love with Lifford’s sensual, heartfelt vocals coupled with Circle of Funk’s deep and sexy house beats. The song is almost an aphrodisiac in the way that it draws you in, providing real satisfaction for the soul. This track showcases the very best of deep house music and shows how these talented musicians are able to treat us all to something new and unique even though house music has been around for years. Be sure to check out the amazing mix by Flex on his 90’s groove that takes you back into the day…

This is a soundcloud link to the 3 main mixes:


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