I recently became aware of an up and coming artist called Activist. He made a heart wrenching video to accompany his track Something in the Air.



Jehu, or Acti (as his friends call him) asked me what I thought of the video and I found it quite emotional viewing which made me feel that this young guy has something to offer the world of music and story-telling.

His tracks are based on real life experiences. Acti is a survivor, having experienced a tough inner city life where he has undergone many struggles such as eating breakfast cereal with water, almost losing his life in a stabbing incident, and being beaten by his father, quite a conflicting message from a father who also gave him the will, the knowledge and the drive to move forward in life. When he graduated, his mum cried – she must be very proud of how far he has come and so glad that he didn’t end up either dead or in prison, which could so easily have been the result.

Like so many people who have had a challenging life, Acti doesn’t want your pity, he just wants to tell his story in the form of rap music, and he wants to tell the raw truth unlike so much of the sugar-coated music these days which is produced for the commercial masses. Acti is a guy who stands up for what he believes in and tells it as it is.

Acti’s raps are skilfully crafted with soulful vocals accompanying each track, the videos tell a story and the whole effect is something touching, heart wrenching, and entertaining. Credit must also go to Activist’s producer Iz who has helped him to realise his ambitions of producing quality music and videos.

When one of my friends saw Something in the Air, it touched him too and reminded him of a time when he was a stabbing victim – he found the video quite powerful.

I like both songs but I think that Closure has the edge and will have a wider appeal. Closure also features the honey toned vocals of Lifford who is in my opinion one of the best and most unique male vocalists the UK has ever seen.

Acti is a hard working young man and I know that he will do well – he has the drive and the talent to succeed – he just needs the break that he deserves.

Watch both videos and make your mind up.

I give Closure a score of 9 and Something in the Air an 8. What do you think ?




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