My music collection is quite varied, but there are a few artists who I like so much that I own practically their whole catalogue. This is unusual for me – in my opinion, only a few artists make music so good that I want to buy everything they have ever made.

Jamiroquai are an amazing group (and they are a group, it kind of annoys me when others refer to Jay Kay as Jamiroquai) – Jay Kay of course is an incredible singer, but the other members of the band have bags of talent and are fundamental to the sound that is produced by this unique group.

Most of the songs make me want to dance. They transport me back to my late teenage years and my early twenties because they have elements of so many old songs that I love – a little bit funky, a little bit jazzy, a little bit disco, but very soulful too, and somehow the songs are modern – what an incredible talent to pull all of these components together and make something that sounds fresh and like nothing else being produced by any other artists.

The lyrics are beautiful and clever, covering many subjects including environmental awareness, love, the joy of dancing, racism, drugs, and technology.

One of the measures of a good song for me is whether or not I choose to ‘skip’ it when it is on my playlist. I hardly ever skip a Jamiroquai track because they bring such joy to my ears.

So what are your favourite Jamiroquai tracks ?

Mine are (at the moment):

Corner of the Earth

When you Gonna Learn

Travelling without Moving

These all score 10 for me.

Oh and just in case you ever wondered who the other band members are, they are currently:

Jim Corry on sax, Paul Turner on bass, Rob Harris on guitar, Sola Akingbola on percussion,  Matt Johnson on keyboards, Derrick McKenzie on drums, James Russell on sax and flute, and Malcolm Strachan on trumpet. In the earlier years it was Wallis Buchanan who did such a great job on the didgeridoo (have you ever tried to play one…blimey it’s not easy).


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